Monday, July 12, 2010

Festival, legacy and back porch

- The weekend highlights, beginning with the Festival on the Square in Hayesville, North Carolina. Browsing pottery while listening to some guys singing about another tequila sunrise.

- Daylilies planted by my sister's mother-in-law Grace years ago. With their view of the river, they endure year after year.

- A niece and her friends left their river shoes behind to dry after their weekend of tubing and rafting. My sister and I enjoy the more pedestrian back porch pursuit of rocking and reading. :)


Lance said...

Mmmm....a festival. Sounds like a wonderful way to enjoy the weekend! I like the bandshell!

Jannie Funster said...

Hey, I know that Lance guy! :)

He was just a hired hand, but he couldn't keep from coming on.... (I think those are the words.)

That second photo is just too gorgeous to be real, Lynn. Does your sister have a guest house for people like Jannie? :)


Jannie Funster said...

Geez, my comment makes it seem like Lance was the hired hand. :)


Blue Bunny said...

yoo mite not like toobing, butt yoo lieks toobers -- like beets!

hay, i maed a jokes, hee hee.

wit loves from me,

blue bunny


Anonymous said...

Y'know, I'd love me a grand ol' rocking chair. Seriously. There's nothing that soothes quite like that gentle back and forth motion as you sit there with hooded eyes... halfway between the waking world and a dream. :)

TALON said...

Those lilies have some prime real estate - lucky blooms :)

I'd love to sit in that rocking chair too - but I'd try some of that rafting first ;)

desk49 said...

A song was sung around
Pottery that was spin
in a square down town

Lilies on a river view
No rafting was for me
for rocking, reading I do

Glad you had a good time.

Meredith said...

I can understand the desire to rock and read -- and maybe daydream and chat with your sister, too? :)

Although the last time I tried tubing, I really enjoyed it, that was years ago. I think with this hot weather, I wouldn't mind floating down the river in an inner tube. Not sure I'd be up for the dragged behind a boat kind anymore.

Beautiful daylilies. I wonder if one of them is named 'Jedi Tequila Sunrise." Yes, there is a daylily by that name ( giving your post a neat wraparound feel for me.

Lynn said...

Lance -

They have music on the weekends on that bandstand. People bring lawn chairs and the children romp around. It's nice.

Jannie -

I do think those are part of the Tequila Sunrise lyrics. I saw that you came back - no Lance is not our hired hand. :)

No guest house there - it is really just a tiny cottage. I am so lucky to be a guest myself.

Blue Bunny -

You are so funny - ooh that rhymed!

Tony -

I love that dozy feeling, too. And I love a good rocking chair. You should get one.

Talon -

You are right - prime real estate for those daylilies.

Ellis -

It was short and sweet, like your poem. Thank you!

Meredith -

I think I might tell my sister that I have pronounced those lilies Jedi Tequila Sunrise. And yes - that does wrap it up nicely. :)

LL Cool Joe said...

If I did any rocking and reading I'd be asleep by the end of chapter 1 !!

Fireblossom said...

That's so odd, I was just thinking of that song "Tequila Sunrise" a couple of days ago, and I bet it hadn't crossed my mind in 15-20 years before that.

Goodness, the daylilies are everywhere here, it's like Day of The Triffids, except it's daylilies!

That gnome looks shifty to me. I'd watch what was said around him, lol.

Brian Miller said...

oh how could you pass up on tubing? the festival sounds fun though...

glad you liked TALONS poem at one shot...

sage said...

I hope the NC nountains are cool. Have you ever been to Montreat?

sage said...

I hope the NC nountains are cool. Have you ever been to Montreat?

Lynn said...

Joe -

That happens to me quite frequently - I refer to it as pretending to read.

Fireblossom -

I think songs from The Eagles must be easy to sing because they are covered so much.

That gnome used to be at my sister's inlaws' lake house in Florida and the other son's friend took it with him on some major road trip and photographed him everywhere and returned him safely. He does look a little shifty. :)

Brian -

I love a mountain festival. Tubing - not so much.

I love Talon's work and it was lovely of you to feature her today.

Sage -

Not all that cool this past weekend. Somehow I haven't made it to Montreat, but I hear it is beautiful and peaceful.

Ily said...

Love the festival photo and the daylilies! I love The Eagles and would've enjoyed hearing more about the tequila sunrise or sparkling earrings or a dark desert highway. :)

I like the sound of "river shoes" and rafting. White water rafting is high on my bucket list!!

Happy Monday, my friend!

Anonymous said...
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Lynn said...

Ily -

I've been white water rafting three times and so I guess I can check that one off. It is fun, but I probably won't be doing that again. :)

I love The Eagles, too. Welcome to the Hotel California is a great song.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I always want all the pottery! Live music sure beats canned shopping radio-
Lillies sure are a great summer flower to have around- Ours here got too dry, n most are gone already.
Aqua shoes are great for tender feet n all the rocks n shells- I had a pair once. Here we mostly get sore feet! They roughen up after a week or so.
I want more time to read- while rocking must be tough- don't you get sea-sick? (note: I can't even read while riding in a car)

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

I am having to resist buying pottery, because I have so much already. I have pretty much run out of space here.

Love that rocking - no seasickness here!