Thursday, September 2, 2010

Capitol, lost and a good walk

- A meeting in a building just next to Georgia's capitol building in Atlanta. It was so sunny that the Georgia gold leaf on the dome is not shown to full effect here. A nice building, I think. It was erected after the capital of Georgia was moved to Atlanta from my home town of Milledgeville after the Civil War.

- Going through security checks of my person and bag in the judicial building that houses the Supreme Court of Georgia and then being sent in an elevator to a floor in which no one at all is visible - just marble corridors stretching to the left and right. Fortunately a smiling woman appears with two other visitors in tow and leads me to the right door for my meeting.

- An enjoyable walk around an area of the city that I don't usually get to. Parking was a challenge, but I finally found a metered spot. So I enjoy my nice walk past historic buildings and statuary, returning to my shady parking spot nearby and head back to the office.


Fireblossom said...

It is a nice building. Who does the statue depict?

That person-less corridor sounds like some creepy dream!

Jannie Funster said...

It looks a lot like our Texas capitol! Ours was build by convicts. Was yours?

Gold leaf is pretty snazzy. I think ours may be just a copper dome, but I'll have to check.

Was it hot on your walk? You fling your garments? :)


sage said...

didn't realize Milledgeville was the old capital. Didn't the gold dome come from Dolengna (spelling?)?

Lynn said...

Fireblossom -

That is Miss Freedom, a statue of a female figure that clasps a sword in her left hand and holds aloft a lighted torch in her right.

That person-less corridor was creepy!

Jannie -

It wasn't too hot yesterday - so no garment flinging. :)


Lynn said...

Sage -

The gold did come from Dalonega. Yes - Milledgeville was the antebellum capital of Georgia from 1806 to 1868. It was occupied by Union troops during the Civil War and after the war was over, the capital was moved to Atlanta, a city symbolized by the new south.

Lynn said...

Fireblossom -

I realize now you meant the statue on the horse, not the statue on top of the dome. The equestrian statue is John B. Gordon, who served as governor of Georgia (and was the first to occupy the office in the newly completed state capitol).

desk49 said...

In a building of old
with a top of gold
In a maze our friend run
like rats it wasn't fun
a parking spot she found
somewhere down town
for a quick walk around
then back to work getting down

TALON said...

Gorgeous building! That must have been something stepping out onto that empty floor. I agree with Shay - sounds eerie.

Anonymous said...

Very eerie. I think my imagination would've gotten the better of me and made me turn and run! :P

Jewel Allen said...

I love taking walks in the city. I feel like I am on a scavenger hunt...always something delightful to surprise me.

Sara said...

That's a nice picture. It does look sunny. I can't decide what's better regarding the weather...sunny and hot or wet and humid...those are the choice where I live.

I hate security checks. Even though I know I'm not a terrorist, every time I go through one of those, I'm sure they're going pull me aside and take me some room to grill me for hours on end. It must be my guilt complex:~)

It sounds like you enjoyed your "out of office" time. Good for you:~)

Meredith said...

I've been in that building -- but never on an empty floor. I'd have felt strange, too, Lynn!

I did not realize the gold leafing came from Dahlonega. Does it still come from there? I know they had to redo it a couple of years ago, to keep it all shiny and sparkly. When I was a kid, I would eagerly wait to see it rising up into the sky as we approached the city by highway. :)

Riot Kitty said...

Nice picture!

Lynn said...

Ellis -

It did feel a bit like a maze. Thank you for my poem!

Talon -

It was very deserted looking - all white marble and no one in sight.

Tony -

The thought crossed my mind. :)

Jewel -

You definitely see some characters around there.

Sara -

Every time I go through one of those security checks I remember the time I was going into the courthouse for jury duty and realized at the last second that I had a big knife in my purse that I had taken to work the day before to cut a cake. (Purse was very large.) I ran back to put it in my car. Something tells me that would have been a problem. :)

Meredith -

I don't know if the last round of gold leaf came from Dahlonega or not. But I love spotting the gold dome from afar, too.

Riot Kitty -

Thank you -

Snaggle Tooth said...

Nice some anyway- n Midfeville was the capitol before? I pictured it as a very small town- Perhaps ir used to be more populated?
The cridor does sound like a nightmare- n like one of G's stories- Nothing like not wanting to barge into the wrong room!
There's still places you're not familiar with there? You get around so well!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Oh my- meant "Nice Dome"! Definately need eye drops right now-

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

I knew what you meant. :) Yes - Milledgeville was the capital before and during the Civil War. It was a small community but really bustling for the times.

I've driven around the capitol building a number of times, but never had to park and get out and walk. Love that GPS.