Friday, September 17, 2010

Heureux, familiar scent and not Zeus

- I slid the mood indicator button on my refrigerator to "heureux" this morning to reflect gladness over the day. Happy Friday, friends!

- Walking into Atlanta Union Mission yesterday and being greeted with what has become a familiar scent - coffee and chocolate. Lovely.

- My sister is getting a new kitten from a litter at the veterinarian's office; he is gray with white paws. The vet's office has been calling him Zeus, which she thinks is a bit grand for this little guy. We tend to call our pets people names. Any ideas? (My mother rather sunnily proposed "Sunshine" which didn't fly. I suggested "Sonny" as an alternative. Nope.) :)

Avoir une heureuse fin de semaine, d'amis! (Have a happy weekend, friends!)


desk49 said...

My button would be on tired for my life
is going round and round and round.

But this is not my post, so back to yours

Heureux was her button
this morning to reflect
coffee and chocolate greet her
when at the mission she did get
a kitten some have called Zeus
but no name has been picked yet
but Sunshine and Sonny on them
I would not place a five bean bet

Jannie Funster said...

I did not know you spoke such fine French,Lynn!

He might grow into Zeus, but perhaps Rigatoni might suit him, calling him Rig for short?

Glad you're heading into a happy weekend!!


Fireblossom said...

A kitten! For some reason, I want to name him Oscar.

Scarlet Ily said...

Coffee and chocolate go beautifully together!

The kitty sounds adorable...reminds me of a cute cat in my neighbor I've nicknamed White Boots because of the white legs. :)

Happy Friday to you, too, my friend!

TALON said...

Hmmm...Zeus is a little grand, but he could grow into it - lol!

I'm drawing a blank, I confess. I usually have to be with animals for a while before I get name inspiration. It's all about their reaction to them.

Happy weekend, Lynn!

Meredith said...

Aw, I love the mood indicator! What a fantastic fridge ornament.

Hmm... well, with the white paws, you could call Zeus "Boots," which has the advantage of having the same phonetic sound in it as his former name, so he won't be too confused. Also, it's a name with a grand fairytale tradition. ;)

So glad you are heureuse, my friend. Happy weekend! :)

Cookie said...

I named my cat Karen when I was a kid. The cat was a male so it became a joke in my house. He always went by kitty instead.
I LOVE the smell of chocolate and coffee! YUM!

Riot Kitty said...

Love the poster!

Lynn said...

Ellis -

I hope everything is OK with you and thank you for my poem. I imagine you are right - he won't be Sunshine OR Sonny. :)

Jannie -

That came from Babelfish translations on the internet. :) I picked up that French mood indicator at a vendor show a long time ago - I like it because you can figure out the mood even if you don't know French.

I passed along the name Rigatoni (Rig for short) and my sister replied, "Food for thought!"

FB -

I think Oscar would be a fine name - duly passed along. :)

Ily -

Cute. And I love that scent of chocolate and coffee - you don't smell that together much, but that entrance area always smells like that.

Talon -

A good point - sometimes their personalities dictate their names.

Meredith -

I will pass along the name Boots - a good point about the similar sound to Zeus. :)

Hope you are doing well and have a happy weekend!

Cookie -

It is good to see you! That is a great story.

RK -

Me, too. Thank you!

Snaggle Tooth said...

What a cute mood thing! The Atlanta Union Mission must be one of your Fave stops! I can smell it from here... Why'd I hafta give up coffee-
How about Chester? Chess for short-
I'd also thought of Mittens. Then there's always Fred.
I had a guina pig named Fred once.
Good name picking Lynns Sis!

Granny Annie said...

Name him Chadwick Brandon Collingsworth the First and call him CB or Chad. I don't know why.

sage said...

I like your mood indicator!

Louvregirl said...

Je suis heureuse aussi! Merci mille fois!

Wendy said...

I love the mood indicator in French!

coffee and chocolate - yum. My 12 year old likes coffee and today, my 5 year old ate a piece of chocolate and said, "yum, it tastes like coffee". I'm glad my kids will grow up to like coffee - what fun it will be to hang out and have a conversation over coffee when they're adults.

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

All good name suggestions. My sis is picking him up tomorrow and says she and my niece want to get him home and play with him a bit before bestowing a name upon him. Thanks for playing!

Granny Annie -

Woo - that's a grand name. I like it. :) I'll post and let y'all know the final outcome.

Sage -

I like it because it is kind of quirkily in French.

lg -

Vous ĂȘtes les bienvenus mille fois, mon ami!

Wendy -

Two of the greatest things - coffee and chocolate. I'm glad your kids have such great inclinations. :)