Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The shadow, not me and DWTS

- The shadow that this little statue makes on the wall at my mother's assisted living apartment. This was an award my dad won a long time ago and we put it on top of the kitchen cabinet. I like how it looks as if it is watching over things.

- Somehow my cellphone manages to dial up my office on its own inside my purse - twice - while I'm out. I'm told that they could hear me talking, but couldn't get me to hear them. I put it all together when I realized they were hearing the woman's voice who is reading "The Time Traveler's Wife" that I am listening to on CD in the car. :)

- The guilty pleasure of watching Dancing with the Stars on TV. What a crazy show, but I enjoy it immensely.


Fireblossom said...

I read The Time Traveler's Wife last year and just adored it. A blogger had told me about it!

Jannie Funster said...

I do not watch dancing With The Stars, but I think I could shadow dance with your dad's award and have a merry old time!

Ahhh, cell phones calling out of the blue. Mine does that too.

Car books are a SUPER idea,thanks for the reminder, I'd thought of that for the school drives with Kelly.

xoxox to a beautiful day!

Jannie Funster said...

Oh, and could DWTS also mean Driving With Talking Stories? A lot of cosmic synchronicity in this post today, Lynn!! :)


TALON said...

The statue is adorable!

I'm laughing at the cell phone making its own calls - lol!

desk49 said...

Sing to the tune of counting flowers on the wall.

counting shadows
on the wall
there was only one
after all
getting cell phone calls
from someone
in the car where
CD's runs
felling guilty
if you please
of the dancing stars
you see

Lynn said...

FB -

It's been great to listen to during the four hour trips to my mom's, my work commute and when I'm out and about during the day. I like the thought of time travel.

Jannie -

I could see you shadow dancing! And I browse the books on CD at the library and scoop up what is already there. This one turned out to be so good.


Jannie -

I like that cosmic synchronicity!


Talon -

What is up with that phone? They said there was a message from it last night on the after hours messages. That time just blank noise. I cut it off and cut it back on - my standard fix it method. :)

Ellis -

Now I'll be singing that tune all day! :) A great poem to go with it, too. Thank you for that.

Scarlet Ily said...

I hate it when my phone dials itself (scary, isn't it?). What's worse is when it sometimes picks up on its own (automatic pickup after three rings). I don't know how it does it but I'll stare down and it'll say "connected," and freak me out! I've checked settings and as far as I know there's not an automatic pickup option...but who knows? Maybe I have a haunted cell phone.

I missed DWTS. My daughter and I were addicted to it last season. Niecy Nash was hilarious!

sage said...

i hate it when my phone does that--more often than not!

Anonymous said...

Wow... that looks like one hefty statue. I'm sure that could double as a very handy method of self defense if required!

G said...

It's funny when older cell phones do that. Not quite as funny if you're on the receiving end of the impromptu call and you happen to be wickedly busy, but it can easily provide some comic relief just the same.

Riot Kitty said...

That's hilarious about the phone. One of my friends who is always super turbo charged accidentally called me before 8 am. She *says* it was an accident...

Snaggle Tooth said...

Everyone can use a guardian, even if it's a statue.
So the audio-book sounded just like you? too funny! (Remember to lock the keyes)
I missed that show again betting errands done. Dancing has always entertained me, n I even do it sometimes...
Ellis reminded me of an old tune

Shadows grow so long before my eyes
n they're dancing across the stage...
(I think it's really "moving" tho-)

Lynn said...

Ily -

Oh no - this is something that might happen again? I thought it was just a fluke. I really don't like this phone - it's one of those blackberry type phones. I much prefer a flip phone. Next time. If your phone is haunted, then so is mine! :)

Sage -

I guess I'll have to be careful what I say from now on when I think the phone is off.

Tony -

Probably good that it is up high like that then. :)

G -

I think the woman that answered the phone must have been wickedly busy since she made a point of talking to me about it.

RK -

Do you get to sleep until 8am? That sounds like heaven.

Snaggle -

That was the first thing my mom said when she saw the statue up there - she mentioned the shadow. So we like shadows, too.

Cookie said...

I love the time traveler's wife! the movie was not as good.
I've never gotten into Dancing with the Stars, but I love the biggest loser.

Lynn said...

Cookie -

Really? I have put it in my Netflix queue. I'm enjoying the book on CD and wish I had about a 30 mile work trip today so I could listen. :)