Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mystery solved, happy birthdays and bounty

Update on the man in the window at Chick-fil-A: I went in this morning to get breakfast and spotted him sitting at an inside booth. So he has inexplicably switched seats after all this time. Perhaps he suddenly felt he was being watched!

Today is Tony's 50th birthday and Marcus's 75th birthday. We are having chocolate cake to celebrate!

The Adles shared lushious tomatoes from their garden last night at church. One of them is in the spinach salad I brought for lunch today, along with a cucumber from Charlie's garden.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday morning

Oh my - I overslept this morning. The alarm clock went off at the appointed time and then decided to take a vacation from the snooze function. Fortunately I woke an hour later, smelling brewed coffee from the programmed coffeemaker. Then I had to rush around.

I stopped at Chick-fil-A to get a take-out breakfast and the smiling woman behind the counter was amused at my indecision over what to get. She said, "Well - the #1 is the most asked for, but the #4 is good, too, and the #3 and #2 have their fans." So that having taken care of ALL the choices, I got the #4 and had all my fat and cholesterol for the day at once. :)

There is a man sitting at the window having breakfast at Chick-fil-A every morning when I drive by. Odd that he was not there this morning. I hope he is home having breakfast with his family.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cosette in the cube, it's cooler in Finland

- When I walked through the back this morning, some discarded Les Miserables posters were in the recycle bin. I asked if I could have one, but Bobby wanted me to have a perfect one. I told him I wanted this one that has the color marks and our logo down the edge.

- My favorite client was happy again today. And so that makes me happy.

- I am Postcrossing and Paivi in Finland just received her first postcard and it was from me. She said it is 28 degrees celcius there. It feels like 140 here...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday morning

- My neighbor Marion's cat was out this morning. She slips out occasionally to the forbidden outdoors, but usually comes back within an hour. Marion must have given up last night and gone off to bed. Velvet emerged from behind a car, had a look at me and saw I wasn't her person and returned to her hiding place.

- I enjoy my drive to work, especially if I have a good book on CD that I'm listening to. Since I start out at 6:30 am, most drivers seem remarkably well-mannered as they make their way to work.

- The bar and grill near the office has one of those street signs that lists the daily special and the fact that they have Free Wifi. Someone thinks it's hilarious during the night to change the letters to read: Free Wife.

- The Mac Papers delivery man and I had a small celebration that today is Friday.