Monday, April 30, 2007

Quiet weekend

- Watching "The Last King of Scotland" made me grateful that I live in the land of the free.

- It was lovely seeing so many former church members return for the 40th anniversary celebration and service. Since I am a recent addition I did not know many of them, but they had an Eastminster look about them.

- I am back on my healthy eating plan today. A little too much fun with eating has been going on!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Busy week

- Tuesday dinner at South City Kitchen and then All Shook Up at the Fox with the Fun Girls was, well, fun! Jeanne's later email to the newest Fun Girl: "Kay, I'd like to say that we're not always as crazy as we were Tuesday night, but it would be a lie."

- The best thing about being part of the Fun Girls is that we always pull together in a crisis. It is lovely to see one of them feel so much better after her year-long personal crisis.

- Last evening at Steven and Ronnie's after touring the new house, kitty Matthew crawled into my arms and went to sleep. Pure peace. Later at dinner - Steven gave friendly tips to our green waiter on better ways to serve.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Smiles and peace

- Receiving a glowing thank you note from Susan made my day.

- I have been going to the Kaiser pharmacy for so long that they recognize me now. It's wonderful in a city with so many people to have a smiling lady summon me forward with, "How are you doin'?"

- It was delicious this morning at 6 am to give my hungry kitty her breakfast and climb back into bed to sleep some more.

Friday, April 20, 2007


- Having the coordinating team for dinner was a lot of work, but I enjoyed it. It made me feel so good that everyone loved my salad. I like to use whatever I have on hand - this time it was field greens, Asian pears, pecans and reggiano parmesan with a lemony olive oil Dijon dressing.

- There is a nest in one of the trees next to my building. The mama Cardinal covers her eggs and is so trusting of us walking back and forth close by.

- One of the clients sends the most cheery emails. He always brightens my day. I admire him for taking a few months to hit the road in the US and then Africa on his motorcycle. I think it gave him a more than positive outlook on life.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cleo, Sophie, Twiggy and Lucy

- Cleo loved her brown pet bed - it was cushy and fit perfectly into an oval basket. When she died it stayed put for a while, but made me sad to see her white fur still on it. So with a heavy heart one day I zipped off the cover and washed it, put it all back in the basket thinking Sophie might like it. But she has never wanted anything to do with it.

- So I decided it was kind of in the way and asked neighbor Rhonda if she would like it for Twiggy, her tortoiseshell cat. She was delighted with it, but insisted I should keep it for a future pet. N0 - I said. It really makes me miss Cleo so much. And so she accepted it with pleasure.

- This morning an envelope labeled "Sophie Maxwell" fell out of the crack in my door when I opened it. The card inside has an orange tabby cat on the front. It reads, "Dear Sophie, I really like the pillow bed that your mom gave me. I sleep on it during the day in my special corner. I really like the color because I am camoflauged from that dog. Thank you very much. Your friend, Twiggy."

Monday, April 16, 2007

A peaceful day

- There was a baby baptism yesterday at the 11am service and the baby's mother asked that I be there. When I leaned forward to smile at baby Lila Kate, she put her hand on my face and smiled back.

- Manuvering through people and carts at the DeKalb Farmer's Market. I remember when it was in a MUCH smaller space and actual farmers were there hawking their goods.

- Polishing my grandmother's silverware last night made me reflect on the irony that my no-nonsense Nannie G would have chosen a pattern called "Her Majesty."

Friday, April 13, 2007


- Thankfully I came to my senses and declined the job offer. It never felt right and I feel great relief.

- Programming the new coffee maker to cut on in the morning was eluding me. Having figured it out last night, it was a treat to wake up to the smell of coffee brewing this morning.

- There is blessed quiet here today and I am getting a lot done.

Monday, April 9, 2007

More weekend

- I drove up to the Flannery O'Connor farm on Saturday past trees and shrubs up a long winding driveway. The house is unassuming and was open, but I didn't go in this time. I wanted to see the Iris beds since the director of the foundation had spoken of them. They probably peaked last weekend - they were waning, but there were a lot of them. A little horse behind a fence watched with interest as I turned around to leave.

- My food lady's grandson died. There was a memorial service in a park. When everyone released their balloon, there was total silence.

- The gas station in Eatonton had a couple of chickens roaming around among the cars. The locals did not seem to take notice. An employee told me they visit from the farm next door. Then she pointed to the food warmer behind her and said with a smile, "You know, we have fresh chicken!"


- The Easter bunny left Dove chocolate under my pillow Saturday night.

- Mama went all out on the food this weekend - her Dressing was so good. It made me happy to see her interested in entertaining; talking about recipes in Cooking Light, etc.

- Kim signed off her email this morning with "Jesus is on the loose! Hallelujah!!!"

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Frocks and big hair

- Tim and Maxi went shopping for clothes and props for their lawn jockey - which has turned into quite a Pangborn Road attraction. When I leave, he is wearing an Easter frock with matching hat.

- It is so fun to talk over old times with Tim while he is cutting my hair. We have been together for more than 20 years now. He gave me big hair for old times sake and then I was off to Good Friday service.

- Looking forward to seeing my family in Milledgeville later today. No colorful Easter frock for me - it is supposed to be 25 degrees tomorrow.

Friday, April 6, 2007

The Curves mascot

- Just before Christmas the young ladies who work at Curves arrived to open up one morning finding that someone had left a wooden cat facing the front door. Heather will not touch it thinking it has a voodoo curse on it. But Debbie and Michelle have had great fun with it. During Christmas it sat on a shelf wearing a little Santa hat and garlands around its neck. Now it is all decorated for Spring with an Easter egg necklace and a flower garland on its head.

- Everyone seems upset by the cold snap, but I am excited about one last fire in the fireplace.

- I like emailing back and forth with Kim all day. It's like chatting with a friend while working.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Thoughtful Sis

- I was talking to Jo by cellphone when I picked up my mail and saw that there was a package from her. I exclaimed, "It's a package from you! What is it?" She replied, "An Easter present!" Me: "Oooooh!" Her: "OK - why don't you open that later when we're off the phone. (Laughing) I hate to think you'll be disappointed now when you open it." Me: "I don't care - I LOVE unexpected surprises in the mail!"

- It was a weather radio. A few weeks ago their weather radio alerted them to an impending tornado in their area and they were able to get to safety. Happily - it missed them. Jo decided her whole family should have one and sent one to Mom and Dad, too.

- The card was funny - I don't remember the punchline, but it was seasonal characters at a cocktail party. Santa was talking to the Easter bunny who was drinking a glass of red wine. That was funny in itself.


- Leisa finished her workout and was ready to leave, but stayed and walked around with me for half of mine. It made it go so much faster! She wanted to do something fun, so I told her she should rent "Monsoon Wedding."

- Dinner with Barbara D. was nice. She is one of the few people I can tell how I really feel about things.

- I am thankful for all the rain and especially that it was washed the pollen off my car (for now.)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Piedmont Avenue

- I passed a house yesterday afternoon that had a myriad of flowering shrubs, trees and flowers in all colors. It reminded me of my grandparents' backyard in Macon. It was a glorious mass of color in the Spring - with no particular organization. There was a huge pecan tree in the middle of it all. A little house all the way in the back had a series of tenants - the last one, Mrs. Pettigrew, was a sweet elderly lady who was always home and up for a visit from children.

- It makes me sad to think of the backyard in a way - some family members report that Piedmont Avenue has become a "bad" neighborhood with crack houses, etc. My grandparents' house is abandoned with the front porch caved in and holes in the roof. I like to imagine though that the yard persists with its blooms year after year long after its loving caretakers have gone.

- I wonder if it could have imagined that the children who played on its soft green grass would be scattered all over in various circumstances now. The memory of the sun dappled lawn and the ice cream churn humming lives on for me anyway.