Friday, September 22, 2017

Special treat, special girl and new stickers

Beloved great-niece Kloie was full of pent up energy during the recent hurricane that passed through their area, and spent some of her time inside making a card for me.  I loved that it was addressed to Aunt Lynn.  She knows I love dragonflies and always incorporates them into her correspondence to me.

Dragonflies ARE awesome.  I quite agree.  I love her so much, too.

And I finally ran out of the "teacher" stickers I put on my calendar when I exercise.  So I went to The Schoolbox and bought more - frogs, sea creatures and owls.  It's the little things....

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Tropical storm, leafy friends, new friend

Lots of leaves, fallen limbs and debris - that was the main effect Hurricane Irma had on my home.  (It was actually a tropical storm by the time it reached us.)  I am so lucky to have not lost power either.  The neighborhood around me was dark for a couple of days.  More than a million customers in Georgia were without power after the storm - some friends don't have power yet.  All the plants had to come inside so they wouldn't fly around in the wind.

My living room looked like a happy jungle, but I wanted all my leafy friends to be safe.  This isn't even all of them in the camera shot.  :)  Thankfully, my family in Florida are all safe.  The crops were battered around, but seem OK. 

And I had to buy a new car - I really like this new friend now.  There it is behind that stop sign, under an ominous sky.  The woman who brought it to my home from the car finders service smiled when I told her how sad I would be to see the other one drive away.  She said that happens often - one man got up on his old car and hugged it before she left with it.  Does anyone else but me get attached to cars? 

And this video made me smile all the way through it.  It's Jennifer Hudson with a lot of friends, singing "Come Together."  Jennifer’s performance was part of a TV special called XQ Super School Live on September 8, where students, teachers, parents and celebs came together to “reimagine high school education.”  Watch it if you can.  I loved seeing Ringo the most!