Friday, March 30, 2007

Sweetness and delight

- It was so good to see our unsighted volunteer Martha yesterday at the reading service. She said it was OK if I petted Rosetta - her canine assistant. Rosetta was lying on her side dozing, but did reach out her paw to me upon being petted.

- Having lost a few pounds, I was delighted this morning to pull out a three quarter length shirt this morning and finding it fits perfectly.

- Xavier emailed this morning wanting my help. Although I no longer work on his case, it makes me feel so good that he always still wants me to help him.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hair and not enough sleep

- I keep seeing men with alarmingly elaborate toupees. There were TWO men in line at the post office yesterday with longish hair incorporating toupees. I wonder if they might look better bald. I know that might be a difficult concept to digest though. I don't suppose I would like being bald either.

- There is a young man who is always walking to school every morning who has hair sticking up in a couple of places - as if he rolled out of bed and left for school. The mother in me wants to smooth it down.

- My kitty did her nocturnal wandering around at 3:30 am - intermittently meowing to get my attention. I ended up getting up and fetching her onto the bed. Then when the alarm went off she stayed in the bed - all snug and sleepy. I do not know what to do about that, but I do like it when she curls up next to my feet.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


- My kitty has been coming out of the bathroom when I get home in the afternoon. She must be lying on the bathroom rug because she smells so good - like the Shower to Shower that escapes when I sprinkle it on in the morning.

- She stayed right with me yesterday when the scary looking winged bug was buzzing around the sliding glass door. I captured it with a Tupperware cup against the glass but couldn't think how to get it to stay in the cup while I clapped something over it - it kept escaping. I yelled out, "Oh no - now it's p*ssed off!" and she just kept looking at me with equanimity.

- The song "Love Shack" was playing at Curves when I left. I sang it all the way home.

Monday, March 26, 2007


- Having a lovely dinner Friday evening at a neighborhood eatery with a happy din. Clearly the clientele there are regulars - the wait staff called most of them by name.

- You could write your name in the pollen, but it sure is a wonderful sign of Spring to see the leaves popping out so quickly.

- Little Paige gave me one of her pictures, explaining that the pink and blue figures are butterflies. She autographed it apologizing that the n's in my name are touching. I thanked her for the treasure and posted it on my refrigerator when I got home.

Friday, March 23, 2007


- The cherry blossoms are a lovely shade of light pink in the morning, but white in the afternoon.

- I have come to enjoy the positive spin on the day that the guard puts forth every morning as he opens the door for me. This morning: "It's a wonderful FRIDAY morning!"

- The purple polish on my toenails looks so pretty in the morning sunlight. Inside it looks kind of brown - which has a more bohemian look. :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


- The Fun Girls pulling up to pick me up for Sweet Charity - all in a lather that they are late. We had a delightful evening.

- My kitty let me hold her for 10 minutes when I got home.

- An email from Leisa checking in makes me feel lucky to have such a thoughtful friend.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

March weekend part 4

- Ronnie wanted me to jitterbug with him during "Don't Be Cruel." I reluctantly agreed knowing I am a dorky dancer. But somehow he is so good that he makes me look as if I know what I am doing. He says I am an excellent follower! How about that?

- Laughing with the gang at Taco Mac while having a yummy late-night salad.

- Ending the weekend at the Presbyterian Women annual gathering. It is so powerful being in the company of so many women of faith. The sleeping boy in the pew in front of us got handed off to another mother while his mother helped serve.

March weekend part 3

- Stopping at Tommy's Store on the way out, the woman with the cool hat offers me a sample of a Creme Drop. Telling her I never turn down chocolate, I pop it in my mouth and savor the cool sweetness.

- Seeing my friends' delighted faces when I walked in for Don's Elvis impersonation concert.

- Giving Don a hug and realizing sparkles from his Elvis costume were all over my sweater. I am still finding sparkles!

March weekend part 2

- A wonderful belated birthday dinner at Enrico's with the folks - it was fun introducing them to a new place.

- Lying awake hearing Daddy's snoring, the river rushing by, the sound of tiny animal feet on the grass outside.

- Going home with new pajama pants with daisies on them!

March weekend part 1

- I have so much on my mind lately that on my way to visit Mom and Dad in the mountains, I had to make myself stop and think how lovely it was to be on mountain roads, listening to a book on CD and looking forward to sweet hugs.

- Daddy's roar of laughter when I told him of seeing "seven or eight EAGLES!" in the pasture on the way to the river road. "Those weren't EAGLES, they were VULTURES!" he said, laughing more. I am happy to have furnished him with a good story. :) (I suppose God made vultures to round out bird life, but they are certainly not the most pleasant birds. And they definitely have an eagle-like wing span.)

- Watching Mom and Dad's ritual of putting drops in each other's eyes.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Happy noise

- Barbara and I talk on our cellphones sometimes while we are both driving to work. This morning she answered, as always, "Hi Lynn!" Hearing clattering in the background, I answered, "Where are you?" "Las Vegas!" she replied. Instantly mortified that I had called her at 5:15am Vegas time, she said, "Oh it's OK - I've been up all night anyway." :)

- One of the construction workers banging away next door - I guess remodeling an office - singing loudly in Spanish.

- Sitting on the deck last night talking to Mom and Dad while a bird chirped happily in a tree nearby. When he answered the phone, I said, "What are y'all doing?" He said, "Sitting here looking at your pretty Mama."

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Signs of Spring

- The ethereal branches of trees with tiny purple flowers hanging over Briarcliff Road this morning.

- The baby in her stroller at the bus stop all done up in Easter egg pink.

- Tereza's visiting Korean student standing in her back yard yesterday, lifting his face to the sky and saying, "It smells like freedom here!"

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A week to remember

- Coming up upon cars stopped in either direction in the office park next door for four geese moseying across the road - taking their time. All the drivers have huge smiles on their faces.

- Sitting among old and new friends last night at Pat's seminar.

- The excitement and nervousness about my new opportunity. A week I'll remember.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


- I wonder if Scooter Libby will want to use his use his nickname in prison. Oh my - this is supposed to be a positive blog! But still wondering....

- Coming home to a clean house after a lovely dinner with Leisa. It's a marvel to me that Colin can clean so fast in two hours. I take a more lackadaisical approach to cleaning and it takes me all day! Well worth the money....

- Stopping by a untried coffee house in Tucker last night to read. There are Christian references around and it seems to be run by peaceful people. There were many foreign nationals from the same country (Ethiopia maybe?) having quiet conversation in a beautiful rhythmic language. A lady was leaving and she and the owner exchanged cheek touching embraces. Three cheek touches that seemed like a much-used ritual....

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


- Leisa is going out of her way to make sure a dead kitty by the side of the road is getting a proper burial.

- Finding a link to a recipe in Clare's Three Beautiful Things blog. She speaks of watching Toad in the Hole rise in the oven. My favorite childhood breakfast was Egg in a Frame which is sometimes call Toad in the Hole. So I downloaded the UK version and will get Brenda to make it with me someday. It's all full of sausages (which peek through dough), so we'll have it without the vegetarians in the family.

- Having a quiet, peaceful day to work without interruption while listening to beautiful music and anticipating my clean house after Colin's visit tonight.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Came in like a lion

- I am thankful that all my family survived tornadoes in closets and hallways in different states while I peacefully slept unaware.

- Woke up this morning to find my Sophie purring and snuggling against my foot.

- The morning in the aftermath of a storm was so beautiful in my drive through the neighborhoods on the way to work. The young lady walking to school who usually doesn't care so much about her appearance was wearing nice jeans and a red jacket today. She looked nice.