Wednesday, June 27, 2007

None the worse for wear

- This card from Joanne is just - so Joanne. She does make me laugh until I tinkle in my panties!
- Reading Carla's blog about her adventures in Turkey is just the best part of my day.
- This has been a difficult week, but I am so lucky to have my loving little Sophie to greet me when I come home. She had retreated to her haven - the cat carrier - to sleep. When she heard me pecking on the computer she came in to watch.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Madly reading

- I spent much of Saturday madly finishing A Thread of Grace since I am leading the book discussion tonight. Not a burden at all - it is a wonderful read. Finally went to the Mercer University library to read since I was so distracted at home. The stained glass in the vaulted ceiling is prettier than shown in the photo - pale green and gold. I found a comfy chair and read away.
- This was my regular study spot when I was attending GSU since it was so much closer to my house than my urban university. I especially like downstairs where it is very quiet and really cold in the summer. Students would come down the stairs and turn around to leave because it is so cold. There are comfy chairs and the all-glass back wall overlooks a view of woods.
- Just being there reminded me of studying for my favorite film and sociology classes. But much time was spent studying Spanish there as well. (Got out of that one with an A and a B - go figure on the A.)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

A thread of grace

- A beautiful morning on the back porch spent reading, drinking coffee and watching the world wake up.

- Last evening Barb and I went to a wonderful place called the Gypsy Camp which sells treasures found around the world. They are only open now and then. I got an old trophy from Hyde Park High School awarded in 1954 to G. Hock. The nature of the accomplishment is not clear, but will be fun to figure out when people come over.

- The book I am reading, A Thread of Grace, is beautifully written. Looking forward to book club tomorrow night where we will discuss it. Usually a little more attention is given to the food, wine and socializing. I love getting together with those gals...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mama bird

- It is difficult to see her, but mama Cardinal chose a low to the ground tree in a heavily traveled spot for her nest. When we get close, she zooms over to cover her babies. The other morning I could see their mouths open receiving food.

- Carla's blog has put me in mind of Turkish food. I have discovered that Cafe Istanbul near my house serves it. Duh! Stands to reason...

- Looking forward to going to the Gypsy Camp store tomorrow with Barb. She always makes me laugh.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Almost paradise

- The weekend just wasn't long enough. But I did get some backporch time with my parents reporting that I kept nodding off over my book.
- Hearing that my dad had a little accident today, but is OK gave me an instant rush of relief. He had a bit of a fall and joked to me on the phone that his hair cushioned the blow to his head.
- At Publix, a man was pushing his little boy in the shopping cart and practicing a phrase in Spanish and then English. "Yo quiero esta en Tucker." And then having the little boy repeat it. Then - "Ahora en Ingles!" - "I live in Tucker." The little boy tired of the practicing and grew fretfull, but brightened as he spotted the candy at the checkout aisle.

Another reason to move...

- On the way to the mountain house to see Mom and Dad, I ran into this traffic while trying to leave Atlanta. We crawled for miles. I call this photograph, "Another reason to move."

- Finally making my way there, I rallied Mama up and took her out shopping. She patted my leg at one point and said, "This is nice."

- Daddy was the Chicken Foot king again! And he should of been since it was Fathers Day weekend.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A nice day

Things that made me happy today:

- Wishing my father a happy 81st birthday (actually yesterday) and looking forward to seeing them in the mountains this weekend. The photo was taken last year on his 80th birthday celebration doing the thing he loves most!
- Reading Carla's blog about her difficulty in learning the Turkish language and belly laughing at the stream of Comments from family and friends ending with an inside family joke from her father.
- Commiserating with Vito about the plethora of cookies that appear on the kitchen table at work periodically. We studied them and decided they might not be worthy of the calories since they do not contain chocolate.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A weekend with no travel

Sophie in the sunshine...

- When I woke yesterday morning, I could hear the soft snore of my kitty somewhere on the bedroom floor. Later she seemed struck that I was staying home with her on a Saturday, having spent the last four without me, and kept me in sight most of the day.

- I told Jo on an email that I quite happily had no plans for Saturday other than buying lightbulbs at Publix. She said, "You never know, you might meet Mr. Right on the lightbulb aisle!" But, alas - I did not. :)

- And it has been a nice, quiet weekend. My kitty found a patch of sunshine on the kitchen floor both mornings and moved with it until it went away. I wonder if she does that every day?

Sunday, June 3, 2007

A lovely time

The Greatest Generation

- This weekend was my second cousin David's wedding to lovely Jenny and the best part about it was being with my family.

- I retrieved Abby from the airport Friday and we met her friend Becca at a restaurant in midtown. Becca is an childhood friend of Abby's and calls me Aunt Lynn. I told her a funny memory of her: When they were in high school, I went to one of the football games in their tiny community so I could see Abby cheerlead and hear her sing the National Anthem. Jo and I took Abby and Becca to a drop-off point on a rural road leading up to the football field. I watched, puzzled, as the girls climbed into the back of pick-up trucks. Becca explained to me tongue-in-cheek, "It's a hillybilly parade." And they rode onto the field on the trucks, bursting through a banner. Becca still has a quirky sense of humor. It was fun sitting with them at dinner - all adults now.

- Back to the wedding - lovely wedding, big-money reception at a country club on the water. Great band, wine flowing, fabulous food and everyone in their wedding finery. But loving the most, the outdoor breakfast this morning with the children romping and the adults table hopping. Family paparazzi busily making certain no moment went uncaptured.

- Jo and Amanda followed Abby and me back to Atlanta and we went to Virginia Highlands Summerfest - lots of browsing in shops and booths. We had lunch at the Vortex, a sort of off beat place with a biker and pale-tattooed people following, and had a cholesterol clogging burger that was totally worth it. It was bittersweet dropping Abby off at the airport. I told her to come back anytime - she was a most excellent house guest and travel companion.