Sunday, August 31, 2008

Must have been the sugar cane, great story, and good eats

- Our giant panda mom, Lun Lun, at Zoo Atlanta has given birth again. The panda cam shows her cradling her new cub.

- A Katharine Hepburn movie marathon on Turner Classic Movies, including one of my favorites, "The Philadelphia Story."

- Roasted chicken with steamed asparagus.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

If I only had a shirt, blessings to her and a good year

Sophie in her "kitty lounge"

- Sharing an item from the Atlanta Business Chronicle with the guys from work: To kick off college football season, Chick-fil-A is giving away free chicken strips on Labor Day to anyone who comes in wearing a team shirt. Brian figures he can put on his Georgia Southern University shirt and hit at least four Chick-fil-A locations in his area.

- The smiling power company employee who handled my consternation over my tripled power bill with calmness and good humor. I left mollified, with a possible solution and cheery wishes that I will have a good weekend.

- The realization that exactly one year ago I was going through a difficult time and how happy I am today.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Soothing, blessing, and new residents

Red by Bob Trammell

- Listening to audio books in the car makes my commute so much easier. Currently I am listening to "In the Company of the Courtesan" by Sarah Dunant, made even better by the soothing voice of Stephen Hoye. He sounds a bit like Garrison Keillor, who I could also listen to all day.

- Being unexpectedly blessed because of my sneeze by Larry, who was so quiet I didn't know he was around.

- The shy smiles of children newly arrived from France. Their father is affiliated with a nearby antiques business.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hope for reading, the future and for public television

- The public library was so crowded that there was only one parking space available. Lots of children were inside.

- Watching the cheering delegates at the Democratic National Convention on PBS.

- "How can you cover a convention when you're talking while the main speakers are speaking?" asked PBS anchor Jim Lehrer, whose network lingered more on the speakers.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Silence, thankful for my friend and making the most out of life

Shooting Creek, NC by Bob Trammell

- Having some quiet time to wait in absolute silence before a meeting.

- Leisa kindly looking on Georgia Navigator for me to see why traffic was at a standstill. Later - considerate drivers letting each other over to make their way around the accident.

- Learning from a mass email that my neighbor Helen and former co-worker, and local artist, Bob were married last week. I did not know they even knew each other. Bob is very ill and the story can be read here. A lovely comment to Bob from the guestbook - "Today I ... enjoyed revisiting many of your beautiful writings and drawings. It made me remember many of the good times we had at BellSouth, particularly the ones about meetings and made me wonder if you were ever listening to us or just jotting down your poems as we talked!"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Whimsy, checking on the adults and you aren't usually here

More from the weekend:

- After browsing for pottery all afternoon, an unexpected sight: A country store off the highway called "Goats on the Roof" with actual goats on its roof. We sent goat food up to them in a cup on a pulley system and collected our "goat ranger" stickers.

- A beloved voice on the phone saying, "Hi Aunt Lynnie!"

- I opened my eyes during a sitting-up-nap and a squirrel was peering through the screen door at me.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Beauty, relaxation and he never stops

- Seeing and hearing the river that flows by my sister's house. I imagine it when I am not there and can just hear the rushing water in my head.

- Collapsing on the back porch with the girls and feeling cool mountain breezes.

- The 80-something-year-old farmer across the river moving through his crops, his white hat just visible around the corn. And later seeing him selling his potatoes, sweet corn and tomatoes at the market around the square in town.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Carefree, leaving with a smile and peace

I'll be away until Sunday - off to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with my sisters. Yay!

- The sound of my neighbor laughing with her children.

- Winning a printing contract for a magazine that I am excited about having under my wing.

- A lovely cup of red tea with chamomile sending me off to a good night sleep with no waking at all.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Celebration, good fortune, and road niceness

- A squeal over the "fancy drizzles" on Larry's birthday cake.

- A recent fortune cookie fortune reads, "Focus on the color purple this week to bring you luck." That came the week I began wearing the purple Spirit bracelet. And when little Paige wanted to share her multitude of Mardi Gras beads from the Cajun dinner, she chose a purple strand for me.

- A group of survivors of a "fender bender" sat in a row on the wall along side the expressway chatting and waiting for someone to come and sort it out.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

That's so her, it's a Southern thing, and wonder

- Niece Amanda's response to my email telling her about the pink or gold metallic purses I spotted that made me think of her: "oooo! Those sound cute! I might have to go check them out!"

- Darling Peggy's greeting to to me when I arrived at the optometrist office: "Hi Hon, let me put on some lipstick and I'll be right with you!" My eye emergency apparently interrupted their lunch, but they were entirely gracious about it. And Peggy and my mother have something in common - my mother wouldn't walk to the mailbox without applying lipstick.

- Re-discovering an almost forgotten beaded purse that belonged to my Great Aunt Grace while looking for something else. It was thought too nice for the estate sale (20 years ago) and given to me. It looks as if it has never been used and doesn't look like anything she would have owned. I wonder if it had been a gift?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mulling, camping and good night moon!

- Sitting with Janice and mulling over what could have gone better with our Cajun dinner preparation. Lots could have gone better, but despite the happy chaos in the kitchen we have a closer bond as committee members.

- A blissful few hours camping out on the sofa, intermittently napping and watching the Olympics.

- Seeing the orange full moon last night. Always a nice surprise.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Long day, but all worth it

- Feeling lifted in the spirit as the soaring voices of members of three Presbyterys sang together at Trinity Atlanta in the early morning.

- Laughing with Barb and Janice while slicing and chopping food in preparation for our Cajun dinner. And later discussing life with always cheerful John as he and I loaded the the dishwasher.

- Hearing Sally pronounce the meal a success by calling it "the cat's meow!"

Friday, August 15, 2008

Going the extra mile, lasting impressions and where did you come from?

- The post office nearby has the most fun employees. They refer to each other as Mr. Marvelous and Mr. Fabulous and greet patrons with "How are you this Marvelous (or Fabulous) day?" As I left with a smile, the next person in line said, "I would like some Marvelous stamps!"

- Adding sharp white Cheddar cheese to my scrambled eggs (combined with the smell of freshly brewed coffee) made me think of my grandmother. She always did eggs that way and I always wanted them that way ever since.

- Thoughts of my grandmother were interrupted by a daddy long-legs spider dropping onto the stove. I always try to take them outside and found a plastic cup and lid to scoop him into for his trip, but he scrambled behind the stove.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hometown fans and Happy Birthday

- While I waited in line for a beverage at the Braves game, the National Anthem played in the background. When it ended, all the vendors shouted in unison, "Play ball!"

- Turner Field now sports a 40-foot Chick-fil-A cow that does the tomahawk chop when the Braves get something going. Kim and I amused ourselves by emulating the slowness of the chop.

- Overheard this morning at work: "Did you see it?" "Yes!!! Thank you so much! I LOVE it!" "I saw it when I was shopping and ..." Voices trailed off.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Art, generosity and comfort

- Thanks to Clare, I am Postcrossing. I loved the card from Jude from rural China yesterday. It had a "farmer painting" on the front, which reminds me in concept of our American Folk Art.

- A friend's father passed away and his dentist told a story about him that was lovely. He used to carry silver dollars with him and leave them for someone as a special surprise. Example: he used to come in for dental hygiene visits and after he left, the hygienist would find a silver dollar in the chair he had been sitting in.

- It was comforting to come in from the rain to Trinity Presbyterian Church where smiling women had prepared sandwiches and fruit for our grant writing session.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Curious, closeness and positivity

- Mr C's sign this morning gives the US medal count + Uzbekistan and the UK. Curious that they focused on only these countries - must be that it is three countries beginning with "U."

- Talking to my sister yesterday as she drove to be with our parents for a surgery. She always makes me smile.

- A few months ago I watched a segment of CBS Sunday Morning in which they profiled a movement called A Complaint Free According to the website, the more you stop articulating your complaints the less complaining thoughts you have and therefore, a more positive life in general. So thinking that I probably complain too much about Atlanta traffic, etc., I ordered the purple bracelet. You are supposed to go 21 days in a row without complaining, gossiping or criticizing. If you do, you must switch the bracelet to the other arm and start the 21 day cycle over again. I switched it three times yesterday, but am finding that it does makes me think twice about what I say.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

All lovely people

- My niece sent a thank you note for her wedding gift which read in part, "Do you know what owning a soup tureen means? It means that I'm finally a grown-up, a real grown-up! Ha ha never!"

- Neighbor Marion tapped on my door to give me a gift. He wanted to say thank you for a kindness I bestowed upon him last winter that I don't even remember. Marion reminds me of Albert Einstein - only with a southern accent.

- My client from the cool art school ("where weird kids become employable") is coming for a press check and is wonderfully excited because it is her first one ever.

Peace and spirit

- Sitting on the back porch, sipping red tea and listening to the new Madeleine Peyroux CD.

- This morning on the back porch a butterfly landed on my lap, startling both of us. It flew to a nearby tree to collect itself.

- The spirit of the "Little Light of Mine" special needs choir this morning at church singing joyously while signing the words.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Work is suddenly so much more fun

- One of the pressmen, Mike, shared his Texas Ranger baked beans recipe that we all enjoyed on cookout day. A discussion ensued about cooking that ended with each us saying, "I LOVE to cook!"

- I have a new client who has her office in a wonderful cottage off Ormewood. We sat at her kitchen table and chatted about her print job and she sent me off with a flower pot shaped coffee mug that is part of this whole publicity campaign. It looks right at home in my cubicle.

- Another client apologized yesterday for having to bring her daughter with her on a press check. I told her, "Don't worry - we all love children here." And everyone made little Camille feel welcome. Her first day of kindergarten is on Monday.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Roots, nature and exhuberance

- Watching the endearing BBC series "Monarch of the Glen" makes me want to speak to everyone in a Scottish accent.

- Sitting out a thunderstorm in a client's office, talking about printing her magazine as rain pelted the windows.

- While the printing plant manager and I had a confab about the magazine this morning, Billy (with his back turned) picked up three apples from a bag and juggled them expertly. He blushed when he turned around and saw me smiling and said, "I wish everything in life could be handled as easily as that!"

Monday, August 4, 2008

Chuckle needed for Monday morning

- The bar and grill on the corner, called Mr. C's, is a no-frills kind of place that advertises sort of functional daily specials on its outside sign, as well as Free Wifi. Today the sign reads:
Book Club
meets today
No really
we have a
book club.

- My book club last evening had delicious food: cold cucumber soup and gazpacho were the #1 hits. Actual book discussion was scattered due to lots of cold Chardonnay.

- I called my kitty's name this morning and she did not appear as usual. I went in search of her and found her on the futon, a former favorite spot. She has not been jumping up on things due to her arthritis. I don't know how she managed it this day, but let her be.