Friday, June 27, 2014

Unexpected beauty, re-purposed and volunteer

- I already had the dental appointment, which I was alerted to with a postcard in my own handwriting.  It's always a bit disconcerting to see my handwriting in the mailbox.  But I stuck the card in the overstuffed mail catcher on my home office desk because I love those stamps.  Aren't they beautiful?  Click to enlarge.

- You would also have to click to enlarge to see the scribbling on this folder, which began as the folder for my 1996 taxes.  Sometime in the early '90s, I had a boss in my corporate job who asked us to deliver reports and such to him in used folders.  He hated the idea of brand new folders (for some reason.)  I laughed when I was digging in some old papers last weekend and came up with the one pictured.  A lesson learned from him, I guess - re-purposing a folder.  I must have been waiting at my tax appointment, listening to my work voice messages to get visuals to Maria, to see Leeann on Monday and to send (photo) release to Dawn, etc. etc.  A trip down memory lane and I'm keeping this folder, which now holds papers from a church committee I chair.  :)

 - And this is the loading dock at the printing company.  I noticed a lovely little flowering shrub has "volunteered" between the cracks there.  My mother used to call plants that spring up "volunteers."  Nothing at all beautiful about that view, except the shrub that I noticed in passing and, of course, that beautiful blue sky. 

Beauty in unexpected places - a favorite good thing.  I hope some of that is in store for you this weekend.  And a special Happy Birthday to Naomi, who is 83 years old today.  Happy Birthday, my friend.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Getting a treat, Lamb's Ear and something purple and beauty

- Friend Laura's dogs, Dori and Macintosh, anticipating the treat a nice man is about to give them.  He always has a bag of treats for dogs walking in the park and they assume this position at the mere sight of him.

- I titled this photo, "Lamb's Ear and something purple" because I don't know what the something purple is, but they are beautiful together.  Some nice ladies maintain these islands of flowers in the park where I walk on the weekend.

- The sun was smiling down at wildflowers that have taken off in a field shadowed by lots of power lines.  There's an occasional red poppy in there (you can just see one in the back peeking over the others heads.)  It was a beautiful morning for a walk.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Bee hotel, running instead and special treat

- See the small white structure at the center of the photo?  (Click to enlarge.)  I think that might be a bee hotel.  It's in the back yard of a home that borders the park in which I walk after work.  It looks to have a series of drawers with holes drilled, so I'm sure that's what it must be.  Lovely that this homeowner has taken the time to nurture bees who pollinate the fruit trees and flowers around it.

- This walk was interrupted, as it often is, by a sudden late afternoon rainstorm.  We always need rain, so that is what makes it count as a good thing.  And it gave me the impetus to run for the car. 

- My house cleaner is coming today while I am at work.  A true treat.  And just now, when I was pondering  my third good thing, I received this text from him:  "Do you like asparagus?"  Me:  "Yes!"  Him:  "I will bring you some cream of asparagus soup."  Now that's what I call a great house cleaner.  :)  Plus the house will be clean when I get home.

Friend Barb asked me on the phone last night what I have been up to.  "Nothing much, living life."  Looking forward to just living life this weekend.  I hope you have a wonderful one, my friends.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mimosa Silk, purple goodness and whimsy

- There are a number of Mimosa trees around the park I walk in after work.  And during a particularly hot walk yesterday, the fragrance of this one called out to me.  Click to enlarge.  This variety is referred to as a Mimosa Silk - hope it doesn't fall into the water!  Love the reflection in the creek there. 

- Cooking Light magazine has some recipes for slushies this month, and so on a whim, I bought this "As-Seen-On-TV" blender at Macy's One Day sale and made one.  Blueberry Mint (it also had lime juice and simple syrup.) Purple goodness.

- I chose this bottle of white wine to go with a dinner purely because of its whimsical label.  And thankfully it turned out to be good.  :)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Glowing welcome, happiness and ramblings

- The symbol for my favorite non-profit organization in Atlanta is a gaslight, symbolizing that the light is always on for those who need shelter and help.  I was there yesterday on a work errand and realized I'd sailed by this light so many times, but never really noticed it.  The light just happened to be on yesterday during the mid-morning.  I love the glowing welcome of it.

- There's also a community center near the entrance to the main building where lots of activity is going on during the day.   There was happy hubbub streaming out of the door when I passed.  Some children had been playing with chalk in the parking lot and this message made me smile, "I love God because he made Mr. Beau."  Mr. Beau must be a kind and loving person.

- Yesterday on the way in to work I was sitting in traffic in front of  a small shopping center where the dry cleaner I use is open at 7am.  I could see the smiling lady who takes in orders at the front desk cheerfully working as usual and thought how hard that job must really be.  It's hot in there and there are lots of fumes, and almost certainly less than happy people sometimes.  Yet - she smiles on.  It's amazing sometimes to think of all the people around us who make our lives easier - people like the dry cleaning lady and Mr. Beau.

The photos above were taken with my iPhone, which I use about 75% of the time to take photos.  It's so handy.  I spotted a wonderful link this morning in the Washington Post that shows iPhone photographs that won an international competition.  They are amazing.  You can view them here. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Blue Daze, sounds like summer and organization

- I spotted this plant at the Kroger (grocery store) near my office a few weeks ago and brought it home because of its gorgeous blue blossoms.  It's Blue Daze Evolvulus, but I just call it Blue Daze.  :)  It is a cousin to the Morning Glory. 

- Its blossoms are closed in the evening when I get home from work, so my only chance to see it in all its glory are on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Blue Daze...just sounds like summer, doesn't it?

- And for something entirely unrelated:  I spotted this recipe for Nutella Brownies on someone's facebook post this morning and am adding it to Pepperplate.  You can see the last few recipes I added - mostly summertime dishes.  I love Pepperplate because I can open the app on my phone at the grocery store and view ingredients.  My sisters got me started - it's a good tip to pass on, I think. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Rich and sweet, lingering and too good to pass up

- A young Magnolia tree along the walking path at Tanyard Creek Park near my office in Atlanta.  The scent of its blossoms called out to me as I passed and I just had to stop.  A rich and sweet aroma.  That's the dog park just beyond there - no dogs playing on this day though.

- The scent of Rosemary from the potted plant on my porch lingering on the kitchen shears after snipping off a little.

- Thin and crispy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies brought in by a coworker.  They looked too good to pass up.

Here's what else is good this morning - looking forward to the weekend!  I will be watching the Belmont Stakes on Saturday.  I'm pulling for California Chrome to be the first triple crown winner in 36 years.  So exciting!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lantana, greeter and May

- When the real estate agent, a lovely lady named Linda, arrived the first time at mom and dad's house to have a look at the home that just hadn't been selling (about three years ago), she said, "Love the Lantana at the top of the driveway!"  I always loved it, too.  The house eventually sold and I always wished I had taken a cutting of the Lantana. 

- This variety is called "Mrs. Huff" and is apparently very hardy.  I found it at Ace Hardware garden center and it looks like the same one mom planted so long ago.  I planted it in a planter that hugs the deck railing in front of my condo, along with some sweet potato vine.  It makes me smile when I come home and it's there to greet me.

- Neighbor Rhonda named this little stranger "May" - since she turned up in the month of May.  Here she is on one of Rhonda's blue chairs;  I am in its companion.  I wandered out to water a plant that looked peaked on Saturday evening and May followed my every step, rubbing her face on my ankles when I would pause.  Rhonda says she is a stray that neighbor Mike (downstairs), started feeding.  Guess she's staying then.  :)