Monday, July 16, 2018

Good Things Happened: morning, a bee & an adventure

The view from my car, as I was getting into it on Sunday morning.  The plants all looked so nice, that I couldn't resist snapping a photo.  Neighbor Rhonda is a much better gardener than I, but I do contribute to about 1/3 of this.

This guy was busy working on the petunias (OK - probably not petunias - I'll ask Rhonda).  This photo was actually the first one - I had to go back inside to find my phone so I could snap the photo.  And then it was inside my purse all along.  Does this kind of thing happen to you guys?  It happens to me all too often.  :)

This plant is new - replacing the flowering one purchased in May, which went south fairly quickly (probably needed more all-day light).  I thought I would just get another fern, since they do well in this spot.  And this turned into an adventure:  Around 5:30pm on Saturday, I went to the garden center at the hardware store nearby, and a young man who was watering all the plants at the end of the day helped me take down a nice, bushy, hanging fern.  The cashier rang it up and kindly carried it to the car for me.   I got home, took the fern out of the back of my car and noticed the edge of a bird's nest.  Oh my - please let this be an empty nest, I thought.  But no - I parted the fern fronds and - shriek!  There was one unhatched egg + two live baby birds, looking up at me anxiously, with their beaks open.  I looked at the time - 5:48pm.  The hardware store closes at 6, so I raced back up there and made it with two minutes to spare.  The store staff came from all corners to ooh and aah over the babies.  I finally insisted we get it hung back up exactly where it was, so their mama could find them and rest assured they were back safely.  The young man who had been watering hoisted it back into place.  I hope they'll be OK.  I suggested they put a not for sale note on it.  And somehow, having lost my enthusiasm for ferns, at that point, I got this spider plant instead.  

Feeling a little guilty at not being around to your blogs, but I will touch base this week.  Lots going on here, nothing bad, just not a lot of home computer time.  Thank you for coming by.  Hugs!