Sunday, June 24, 2007

Madly reading

- I spent much of Saturday madly finishing A Thread of Grace since I am leading the book discussion tonight. Not a burden at all - it is a wonderful read. Finally went to the Mercer University library to read since I was so distracted at home. The stained glass in the vaulted ceiling is prettier than shown in the photo - pale green and gold. I found a comfy chair and read away.
- This was my regular study spot when I was attending GSU since it was so much closer to my house than my urban university. I especially like downstairs where it is very quiet and really cold in the summer. Students would come down the stairs and turn around to leave because it is so cold. There are comfy chairs and the all-glass back wall overlooks a view of woods.
- Just being there reminded me of studying for my favorite film and sociology classes. But much time was spent studying Spanish there as well. (Got out of that one with an A and a B - go figure on the A.)

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