Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cleo, Sophie, Twiggy and Lucy

- Cleo loved her brown pet bed - it was cushy and fit perfectly into an oval basket. When she died it stayed put for a while, but made me sad to see her white fur still on it. So with a heavy heart one day I zipped off the cover and washed it, put it all back in the basket thinking Sophie might like it. But she has never wanted anything to do with it.

- So I decided it was kind of in the way and asked neighbor Rhonda if she would like it for Twiggy, her tortoiseshell cat. She was delighted with it, but insisted I should keep it for a future pet. N0 - I said. It really makes me miss Cleo so much. And so she accepted it with pleasure.

- This morning an envelope labeled "Sophie Maxwell" fell out of the crack in my door when I opened it. The card inside has an orange tabby cat on the front. It reads, "Dear Sophie, I really like the pillow bed that your mom gave me. I sleep on it during the day in my special corner. I really like the color because I am camoflauged from that dog. Thank you very much. Your friend, Twiggy."

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