Thursday, March 26, 2009

Octane, experience and good samaritan

- Meeting a potential client at this very cool place, Octane, on Marietta Street where we were the only ones without tattoos. Visible ones anyway.

- Receiving a (very nice) rejection letter from the Presbytery for a grant proposal I had submitted on behalf of my church, but turning it into a positive when I realize that now I have written proof of grant writing experience.

- A woman at the pharmacy frantically digging through her purse for her debit card when another woman walks in with it in her hand. She found it in the parking lot.


G. B. Miller said...

Grant writing experience is a major plus nowadays. With the economy tanking faster my hair falling out, to have the ability to rise above everyone else to grab scarce dollars is, like the commercial, priceless.

Jannie Funster said...

Those second two are especially great.

Okay, so where's the non-visible tattoo??

Lynn said...

Georgie - I know. I see that on job postings all the time. I like that analogy you give it. :)

Jannie - I just wanted to see if anyone asked! No tattoos for me, but can't speak for the client. :)

Jannie Funster said...

ha, ha! No tats on me either and i plan on keeping it that way.

I kinda suspected you are tat free too!