Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ab imo pectore, guilty pleasure and virtuosity

- Enjoying the look of Annis's blog, Ab Imo Pectore (translated: "From the bottom of my heart") even though I cannot read Norwegian. (I found the translation on a piece of jewelry seen on Etsy.)

- The guilty pleasure of having someone in to clean my house today. He is out of work and likes to clean. I work and do not enjoy cleaning, so it works out for both of us.

- Vowing to make the Spicy Cabbage and Chicken Stir-fry seen on Clotilde's blog. She was wrestling with what to do with a head of cabbage purchased in a "fit of virtuosity." I agree that cruciferous vegetables are good for you, so will try this during the weekend and report back.


Jannie Funster said...

I'd have to clean for weeks to get my house anywhere near presentable to have a "maid" come in here!

Lynn said...

It took all Monday evening to tidy up for him. I spent most of the time carrying things from room to room putting them back in their proper place. And throwing out catalogs, which I had to look at first, course.

My sister is coming to visit for a couple of days, so the money to pay him was so worth it to have someone else do the scrubbing and vacuuming.