Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ridin' music, happy event and sandal weather

- Listening to student-run WRAS-fm on the way to work every morning gives me a few different new songs to listen to in the half hour drive. This morning, a rather sultry sounding woman singing a song with "soup du jour" as the recurrent theme. Yesterday, a twangy country music song, about which the student DJ said after, "Yee-aahh, that was some ridin' music."

- Smiling when I receive Becca's wedding invitation in the mail with "Aunt Lynn" written on the inside envelope. She is niece Abby's best friend and I have known her since she was a little girl.

- The spring-like weather this week, bringing sandals out of the closet for many. And leaving the gym, my preferred nail technician, Lisa, flags me down when she sees me getting in my car. She knows my fingers and toes need attention.


G. B. Miller said...

College radio.

I can listen to it all day, except during pledge drive week.

The only way sometimes, to listen to all kinds of music.

Lynn said...

You know - I don't think Georgia State University has that. I don't remember ever hearing pledge drives. I listen to it in the morning to avoid silly DJ talk. During the day if I am out, I switch to NPR - the affiliate here in Atlanta plays classical music until 3pm then switches to talk shows. Usually after 3 I listen to a station that plays classic rock and gives traffic updates.

But WRAS definitely runs the gamut on what it plays. This morning some rather ethereal music, then switching to urban rap.

G. B. Miller said...

Two of my local college stations have pledge drives twice a year.

They get a finite amount of dollars from the school budget, and they augment it with pledge drives (just like PBS, but less intrusive)

They do it for a week, they meet their goal and things get back to normal.

But yeah, I listen to it as well because I can't stand morning drive shows (or afternoon shows for that matter).

Jannie Funster said...

We had the sandals on last week, but back to coats, pants and boots this past one.

Ah - Texas!

Lynn said...

Jannie - And it has rained all weekend here. I kind of like it though and it is just chilly enough for the fireplace.

I would like to visit Texas someday - a state I've never been to.