Friday, March 6, 2009

Sister, fancy southern food and the Fox

- Arriving home from work to the scent of shampoo and soap floating from the back of the house. My sister is here.

- A wonderful pre-theater dinner at South City Kitchen in Midtown Atlanta with half of the Fun Girls and Jo (who is an honorary Fun Girl now.) My favorite thing from the appetizers: Bacon-Pimento Cheese Fritters with spicy tomato cream. YUM.

- Delighting in taking Jo to her first visit to The Fabulous Fox theatre. Designed in the late 1920s, the most magical thing for me has always been the "sky" (ceiling) full of flickering stars and magically drifting clouds. After watching "A Chorus Line" we wanted to kick our legs up like the dancers.


Jannie Funster said...

We have a theater very similar to that here in Austin! Our State Theatre, the Parmount, built in ... 1915!

It thrills me like no other theatre I've ever been in.

Lynn said...

I love those old theaters. Do you ever go?