Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dancing, creativity and gonna have to try that meatloaf sometime

- Watching that crazy show "Dancing with the Stars" and wondering how they get people to do that...such as the rodeo star who is married to the singer Jewel. Last week he was all embarrassed and afraid of what his rodeo friends thought of him, but this week he got into it and looked as if he was having fun. And Steve Wozniak clearly loves being there - just watch it...

- A co-worker proudly displaying the beautiful "photo album" quilt her sister made for her. It features photographs representative of her life and special occasions.

- From Mr C's sign:

Is Futile


Jannie Funster said...

Thank goodness I have no meatloaf in the fridge at present, I surely couldn' resist a little pre-midnight snack on top of the chocolate I just had.

Lynn said...

I know - meatloaf rules!