Monday, March 23, 2009

Easter treat, Bach and chickadees

- Treating myself to a Cadbury CRÈME EGG always makes me think of my sister in Virginia. She loves them, too.

- Letting the stress of the week go while letting music wash over me. The Bach concert from a phenomenal organ master was especially wonderful because it was free.

- Some chickadees keep going in and out of the bluebird box on my deck. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they build a nest in it like they did a few years ago. Someone had to tell me that you are supposed to take out the nest and clean the box after the babies leave the nest, so that is why they did not use it again the next time. It is clean now though.


Jannie Funster said...

I hope you get thsoe babies birds too!

oh, Easter Creme eggs, I think I've eaten about 200 total. At least.

Lynn said...

I enjoyed the heck out of them last year.

The Creme eggs - they put them right at the register at the drugstore - hard to resist!