Monday, March 2, 2009

Coming in like a lion, snow day and worth the wait

- Some time during the church service the rain turns to snow. Travis, who is from Texas (which probably sees snow less than North Georgia), announces it to the people sitting around him when the service is over. There is a rush to the windows. When I walk in the door at home from outside, there is snow in my hair.

- I've said it before - Atlantans are silly about snow. We love it, but hate the effect it has on our travel. A news report tells about the flight cancellations at Hartfield-Jackson. The reporter hears a group of students from Missouri, standed at the airport and trying to get home, saying they cannot understand why.

- The weather for next weekend? Highs in the low '70s. My ivy, which has gamely survived the winter, will know that it was worth the wait.


Jannie Funster said...

Ooo, such pretty snow on everything.

Funny weather you get over there, eh?

Lynn said...

It seems as if it is hot or cold here and nothing in between. Loved the snow, but getting it off my car in 28 degree weather this morning was no picnic.

Chilli said...

How funny! The different lifes we live =) I look out the window now and there's 4 feet of snow covering the property around my house... its cold, and when i get up in the morning i will most likely use 5 min to remove the snow that now are falling from the sky =) I saw that you put yourself up as a follower to my blog too. =) thank you! :) but i guess my norwegian writing is not so easy for you to understand? =) Anyway i will continue to follow your blog! I love it!
Have a beautiful day!

Lynn said...

It is true, Chilli. And one month from now, it will be warm all the time here. It only snows about one time every year here - if that. We are just not accustomed to it.

I like to look at your blog, but you are correct that I cannot read Norwegian. So keep posting photographs for me. :) I liked the photos with you and your friend wearing mustaches! You have a beautiful day, too!

Jannie Funster said...

Do you have leather car seats? Those are The Worst in cold.

Lynn said...

Hi Jannie - no just the regular velour type seats. Already feeling a warm-up coming today. Yay.