Saturday, March 21, 2009

Much happiness, much of a muchness and love

- Spicy Szechuan Shrimp takeout from Main Moon made for a delicious dinner after the gym. My fortune: The coming month shall bring you much happiness.

- Speaking of much - enjoying the language of George Orwell's diaries very much. They are published in real time as they happened 70 years ago to the day. He was living in a villa near Marrakech at the time and it is fascinating to read his reactions to seeing the Foreign Legion marching by as well as other infantry. "Seeing them on the march en masse, I do not now think (as I did before) that the Senegalese infantry are superior to the Arabs. They look much of a muchness." Much of a muchness. Great language. I have the diaries linked to the right.

- I absolutely love it when someone is unabashedly in love and not too cool to say so. Mike Nizza has a new column at The Atlantic Food Channel called Made for Julie. He writes of preparing Friday night dinner for his girlfriend Julie who every week makes her way to New York from Washington DC for the weekend. "At the very same moment, we're rushing toward the same place -- my dinner table -- while fighting the pandemonium around us." Her reaction to his dinner: "...she was smiling. That's all that mattered." The Atlantic Food Channel - I could read it all day. Also linked to the right.


Jannie Funster said...

Main Moon - that is a wondrous phrase.

Muchness of much, eh, all of us created equal.

Love iz good! Still il love with my guy after almost 19 years since our first date. And you? ;)

Lynn said...

I like that insight into much of muchness. That phrase made me think.

Love has eluded me, but I believe in it. :)