Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Love of reading

- Passing Henderson Mill Elementary School on the way to work this morning, I read on the marquis that Dr. Seuss's Cat in the Hat is 50 years old this week! It instantly reminded me of first grade in which I loved reading so much that I ripped through the "reading" books and was placed in a group by myself. I got to read "Are you my Mother?" and "The Cat in the Hat."

- I have always wondered how the self-esteem of the kids who were in the reading group called "the bulldozers" was affected. I was originally in "the jets." Did this make them end up in menial jobs?

- My family read to me all the time. One of my favorite photographs is of me sitting in my daddy's lap while he was reading one of my books to me. I remember carrying books to everyone and asking them to read - so Brenda taught me to read. That's why I was rolling my eyes at the Dick and Jane books on the first day of school. Too easy.

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