Sunday, September 9, 2007

Special girls and spiritual lessons

- They breezed into town for different reasons, but I got to see both Abby and Amanda yesterday. Abby and I went to see Paula Deen at the Civic Center along with her friend Becca. Amanda and her friend Kimmy came to take Kathleen away from Shepherd Spinal Center for the night as a treat. It was fun having lunch with all the girls later. And I met up with Amanda, Kimmy and Kathleen at a sports bar last night to watch the Gator game, but the cigarette smoke in there ran me off.

- It was good to get family hugs. How lucky I am to have nieces that want me to hang out with them. And they are so cute with their long hair that smells like shampoo and their pretty frocks.

- Last night I prepared to be the Liturgist at church today. From all accounts I did very well - I will not mind doing it again now. And there were spiritual lessons for me that hit right home.

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