Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day, happy coincidence & another

Rising by Bob Trammell

- Waking up to the sound of rain on Groundhog Day. A quick Google search of the question, "What happens when it rains on Groundhog Day?" turns up a similar custom reported on Wikipedia, "In Germany, June 27 is "Siebenschläfertag" (Seven Sleepers Day). If it rains that day, the rest of summer is supposedly going to be rainy."

- A happy coincidence. Having dinner with a friend when I see two pairs of smiling eyes peeking over the booth from the other side. It is Barbara and Norman who I posted about yesterday. Before they leave, Barbara slides into the booth next to me and I tell my friend an interesting thing Barbara did: she bungee jumped off the Great Wall of China when she was 70. How about that?

- Telling friend Michelle in an email yesterday, "I hope you are well and happy today. (That's the answer my dad used to give when I asked him how he was today - well and happy.)" This morning an email from her, "I was exchanging e-mails with my dad today, and he signed one of them, "I hope you are well and happy!" Weird because he has never used that expression before, to my knowledge." Another happy coincidence, at least.


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LL Cool Joe said...

Geez I wouldn't to bungee jump off a garden wall at any age! :D

Maude Lynn said...

Bungee jumping at 70? Wow!

Meredith said...

Maybe more than a happy coincidence... that story was beautiful, by the way.

No bungee jumping for me, at any age, off any landmarks, LOL. That woman must be absolutely fearless!

Granddaddy says the summer is going to be dry and hot (a prognostication made humbly from Northwest Georgia), but not like the drought-ridden summers we've had in the recent past. I sure prefer his version... That Siebenschlaefertag is an interesting find, tho.

Unseen India Tours said...

This is so fantastic !! Thanks for sharing..

TALON said...

Aren't you sorry you googled? lol! Who made those darn groundhogs experts anyway? ;)

Synchroncity - I love it!

And Barbara sounds like a remarkable woman! I guess there really is life after 50 :)

Lynn said...

Sharm -

Thank you for stopping by. I am comfortable with my little piece of the blogosphere, but thank you for inviting me anyway.

Joe -

I wouldn't either.

Mama Zen -

She is great fun and fearless!

Meredith -

I thought it was beautiful, too. I wish it would be dry and warm (not hot) but we can't have everything. :)

Bharat -

Thank you - I am happy you stopped by.

Talon -

Yes - thankfully - there is life after 50. :) I won't be doing any bungee jumping though!

Riot Kitty said...

I like happy coincidences! Love the picture.

kenju said...

I say that all the time (well and happy) when I write to people.

Thanks for the visit; the book is full of them, and it is classic Dr. Seuss!

Lynn said...

Riot kitty -

Thank you for the inspiration! The picture made me think of rain falling on a stained glass window.

Kenju -

A lovely phrase to use and it will forevermore remind me of my dad.

I like your blog - a great post today.

Jannie Funster said...

Wow, too above and beyond on these. Do Barbara and Norman know of and read your blog?

Nope, another one here not gonna bungee jump. Would like to see the Great Wall sometime.

And that painting, Lynn! I don't think I'd ever tire of looking at it. Joyful , like your blog.


Lynn said...

Jannie Muffin -

No - they don't know about it. But they do know how dear they are to me.

Isn't that a lovely painting? When I worked with Bob I had no idea he could paint like that.

And I would love to see the Great Wall, too - but not jump off of it. Barbara has a framed picture of herself doing just that hanging in her den. :)

Adrenalynn said...

Hey, this is my first time here, and I just wanted to say that I loved reading about these little coincidences - and that I've subscribed to your blog! Such a beautiful photo, too.

Lynn said...

Adrenalynn -

Thank you for following - I am following you, too!

I loved the coincidences and it makes me feel closer to my dad.

Snaggle Tooth said...

You got so far ahead of me this week!
I remember seeing this pic before! (In the true meaning of the movie "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray.
Hmm, bungee jump at 70- So Brave!
"Well n Happy" great expression-

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

Lots of issues this week - so some pics have been used before.

I LOVED that movie with Bill Murray.