Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This Is Yours, family gathering and new message

- A member of this band, The Debutaunts, contacted me last spring and asked if I would print some prop cards for them to use in a video. Several cards needed to be blank and they use them to great effect toward the end. We don't usually print this kind of thing, but I did it for them because he was so wonderfully polite and well-spoken in the asking. And I like it that one of the cards has my often-used symbol. :)

- Hearing from my cousin that we are all having Thanksgiving again one more time at their still intact family home, uninhabited for three years. I reply that I'll be there with the sweet potato casseroles.

- Rerecording my voice mail greeting on my home phone - it's been the same for years - after getting feedback that the current message was too low in volume. And it only took three tries to get it sounding somewhat right. :)


G. B. Miller said...

Very cool video. Great song as well, a little poppy but has a great beat and hook.

Looking forward to hearing them on the non-commercial radio out my way.

Fireblossom said...

Phone machine messages are maddening to get right. Nobody sounds the same to themselves as they do on a recording, and so most of us don't like our recorded voices.

Jannie Funster said...

That is a cool video, some neat effects towards the end. To me they sound British. Are they?

Umn Thanksgiving -- bring on the cool weather!


Louvregirl said...

You must be sooo proud. LOVE that video! I thought ~~for sure~~ the guy on the end with the beard was the drummer-though. (He was sooo laid back and relaxed; I thought he's the drummer; alright!!) Darn.
Actually; that whole card lifting thing looked rather hard to do! Thanks for sharing that. I'm a 'music' person. :):)

TALON said...

That video was fun. I love when the special effects kicked in and took it to a whole other level. And the :) and :( symbols had me smiling. I bet that took some rehearsing!

Thanksgiving?? Are we talking about Thanksgiving already? Ours is in October and I'm in denial that it's NEXT MONTH! Why is 2010 in such a hurry?

Meredith said...

That video was so cool. I loved their laughing faces as the confetti poured down on them in a rainbow rain. :)

(Obviously, I like that symbol, too.)

Glad you'll have a big family Thanksgiving this year, Lynn. Do you make a great sweet potato casserole? F. just "met" sweet potato souffle with pecans at the meal after the funeral (catered for free by several fantastic Southern cooks at the little old church my grandparents attended) and he fell in love, has asked me if I know how to make such ambrosia -- and I had to admit I was clueless. So now I'm on a sweet potato mission for the fall...

Sara said...

I enjoyed the video very much. What a cool thing to do with the cards and I loved the ending. For some reason, I didn't get sound, but it was still cool:~)

I hate leaving phone message recordings -- I usually have to do several times before I get it right.

After one person told me that I sounded depressed on the message, I did another message. After this one was up, someone told me that I needed to stop the caffeine:~) Can't win them all!!

Great post and great job on the prompt cards:~)

Lynn said...

G -

I think so, too. The singer (second from left) ordered them and came in to pick them up - he was just as stoic in person as he was on the video.

Fireblossom -

I was trying to make it louder so my mom could hear it, so I sound as if I am shouting now.

Jannie -

No - they are from the southeastern US - Atlanta and Florida.

I hear you on that cooler weather. Bring it on!

lg -

I wondered how many times they had to practice that card shifting. It was so exciting to me to see on facebook that this was out on video. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Talon -

I'm glad you liked it - I was excited to post a video for the first time!

The fall - my favorite time of year.

Meredith -

I will email my mom's sweet potato casserole recipe to you. It's kind of easy if you cheat and use the canned ones. :) F. must have been a southerner in a past life. :)

Sara -

Thank you and yes, those messages are always a challenge. I changed mine again after I got to work and called home to listen to it. Lots of eye rolling here! :)

Ileana said...

I love the confetti rain toward the end of the video. Very cool! :)

I love Thanksgiving time! Hope you have a wonderful time at your cousin's.

I haven't changed my cell phone greeting in a while. I will do that soon and make it less professional.

desk49 said...

Computer was in the shop
I just got it home
My baby is back
no more will
she rome

Prop cards written
A song now sung
Politeness gets
What’s normally not done

Cousin insisting on dinner
In a home, that is bear
But will be filled with family
And great food to be shared

A hello that everyone can hear
For the volume was to low
Now it seems its better
Now you can hear her say hello

LL Cool Joe said...

Every time I try to record my message on the answer phone I crack up laughing. You did well to only take 3 attempts to sound right!

Riot Kitty said...

I can never get phone messages right. I always sound about 12.

sage said...

I hope your sweet potato cassorole is the kind with butter, brown sugar and pecans and not that marshmellow mess :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Darn, I want to load this video now- but it will wait for a visit to BBMs...
That's really planning ahead! For turkey time-
The power keeps going out, erasing my land-line message- I need to redo it cus I like to play guitar while speaking, n didn't have time to clean it to use the last time.
I've been recording myself since I was 11- used to it.

Lynn said...

Ily -

I can't seem to get that message right - I recorded it again last night.

Ellis -

I am so glad you got your computer back - it is hard to be without one. Thank you for my poem!

Joe -

I'm still redoing it.

Riot Kitty -

Me, too. :)

Sage -

No marshmallows. Mine is the one my mom used to make and is just as you describe.

Snaggle -

We have a about 40 cousins of varying ages who get together for Thanksgiving - it's nice because otherwise it is weddings and funerals...

Anonymous said...

That video is so cool. It's the kind of idea I wish I'd thought of. Heh heh... like a grinning idiot, I'm playing it again now... :P

Lynn said...

Tony -

I'm glad you liked it. It was so much fun to watch for me because I handed over those cards without knowing exactly what they were going to do with them.