Friday, December 17, 2010

The spirit, her day and delivery

- These huge Christmas ornaments on the fountain of a plaza at an office building in midtown Manhattan, taken two weeks ago today. I like holiday decorations and NYC was full of the spirit.

- A little girl getting off the school bus excitedly telling her mom something about her day after getting a hug.

- The aroma of coffee beans in big barrels at Fresh Market, just as pleasant as drinking it would be. (I think.) :) But my mission this day is to buy holiday treats for clients. I choose my favorite - white chocolate covered pretzels with red and green sprinkles. I knew I would catch a late-working Angie on my way home, and so I did. Her weary eyes brightened at the colorful gift bag. We chat for a few minutes before her phone rings again and I make my way home.

I am celebrating that it is Friday today. Yay! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friends.


G. B. Miller said...

A not-so-secret-Santa perhaps? :D

sage said...

I like the photo--christmas oraments stacked like cannon balls... Have a good weekend!

LL Cool Joe said...

Love your balls Lynn! :D

Have a wonderful weekend!

Louvregirl said...

LOVE those ornaments! How cool??!

desk49 said...

Bright red Christmas balls
Along a fountain wall
This picture was just
Taken two weeks ago
In NYC for it was all aglow

A Little girl
in a fit of swirls
Excited all the way
Now I wonder what
She had to say

As coffee beans
In barrels sings
To my senses today
And that memory
Won’t go away

Pretzels dipped in white chocolate
I know no rhyme you will see
But Angie’s eyes did glow
From the gift I bestowed
And that was enough for me

TALON said...

I love the over-sized ornaments! Red is always so cherry in this duller days...

You are a natural-born cheer-spreader, Lynn! :)

Have a lovely weekend!

Lance said...

Happy Friday Lynn!!

Mmm...I love the smell of coffee beans (and the taste of coffee too!)!!

And those are some mighty big Christmas decorations!!! (everything we have is just a bit smaller!)

Riot Kitty said...


I love white chocolate-covered pretzels.

LOL Joey!

jukka s. said...

Merry Christmas to You from Finland !

ps. and Life Long Learning

- juolevi -

Snaggle Tooth said...

I wonder what they made those out of... Seems to be fountain ornaments. My little ones are excited about school still too- having not been worn down by it yet- Choclate covered pretzels are always something I miss not being able to chew well...
Have a splendid pre-holiday week-end!

Jannie Funster said...

WOW, LOVE those big red balls. How fun! BB will love seeing those. So glad you took lots of pix in NY to share. Thank you!!

Ahh, it's great having a little girl, I can relate to that!

You are SO sweet to buy pressies for clients!


Lynn said...

G -

Not such a secret. :) I like to tailor client gifts to them. I am taking two employees of my biggest client out to lunch on Tuesday.

Sage -

Like cannon balls. So they are. :)

Joe -

lol! :)

lg -

Aren't they?

Ellis -

Love that poem! Thank you. :)

Talon -

I like to think so. :) Thank you for saying that.

Lance -

Isn't that the best aroma of all? Love the smell of coffee beans.

Riot Kitty -

I love them, too. So glad I left a bag at the office yesterday. I would have gotten into them this morning.

Juolevi -

Welcome and thank you for coming by and commenting. I'll visit your blog shortly.

Yes - I love life long learning - I am plotting how I can afford graduate school.

Snaggle -

I don't know, but they did a good job, huh?

Jannie -

It must be wonderful to have a little girl - it's clear that the two of you have a great time.


Fireblossom said...

Oh I love that middle part. Stuff like that always makes me smile and feel happy.

I miss visiting you early in the morning!

Wendy said...

what a great trio of happy things. I love it all!

Lynn said...

FB -

Me, too - I hope you get that computer fixed soon.

Wendy -

Thank you!