Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gammy, Thanksgiving on a bun and can't wait

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- A friend's daughter created this artwork in school.  I think it is beyond adorable!  (Although I am not a "Gammy", I can relate to the being sleepy part.)  :)

- The waitress says the turkey burger topped with mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce is "insanely good."  Maybe not that good, but it did evoke Thanksgiving dinner on a bun.

- A book club friend and I talk about how much we love audio books to listen to in the car.  She says she reminds herself of when her kids were teenagers just looking for a chance to drive so she can listen to more of her book.  "Oh - we need milk?  I'll go!" I have the same feeling about the book I'm listening to in the car right now.  When I got home yesterday, the bad guys were surely coming and then Kinsey Milhone heard her front gate creak as someone quietly opened it.


Leonora said...

I enjoyed Monday's and today's posts!
My brother-in-law married a girl from Ghana. I've always been impressed by her love for God and how she takes nothing for granted.
We build turkey sandwiches at Thanksgiving similar to your burger: White bread, turkey, a slice of bread stuffing and cranberry sauce. Delicious!
Doesn't everyone have a "Fibber McGee" closet? : )

Granny Annie said...

Surely there is a gallary somewhere of Children's art. It is always my favorite and is usually so colorful. However my son used to favor black. Maybe that is why he is a printer?

No, that burger does not sound good to me but, to each his own. If you will remember my waitress didn't believe a baked sweet potato would bee good with butter and sour cream.

I keep our library out of audio books. I listen to them when I work, when I drive and sometimes I fall to sleep to a good one and then have to start that disc over in the morning. They are definitely tools of the multi-tasker.

Louvregirl said...

Love the background of her art with the pink floral; great design work here. Enjoyed this post today and I am hearing a creaking gate. Excuse me being ignorant but what book is that from?
lg :-)

Lynn said...

Leonora -

Thank you. I am impressed by open declarations of faith, too - we so often suppress it here.

And your sandwiches sound good!

I think so after reading all the comments. :)

Granny Annie -

A gallery of children's art would be wonderful and Kiera's artwork would fit right in.

I would put butter on a sweet potato, but I'm hesitating at sour cream.

The library is great for getting audio books. This is where V is for Vengeance (current listen) came from. I wish I had a work appointment this morning so I could see what comes next!

Lynn said...

lg -

I should have said, "V if for Vengeance" by Sue Grafton. She has written A through V now in her Kinsey Milhone series and I've read all of them, but this is the first one I've listened to. I put audio version on hold at the library along with the printed version and figured I'd go with the first one that became available - the audio book won. :)

happygirl said...

I love having books read to me, but I can't do it in the car. Sometimes they make me sleepy. Kinda like the Grammy Happygirl is sleepy. LOVE the artwork. :)

LL Cool Joe said...

That artwork is totally adorable! I think we can all relate to the sleepy part. :D

Sparkling Red said...

I feel about my podcasts the way you feel about your audiobooks. Sometimes I prefer to walk and take the bus to work rather than get a lift from my husband because that gives me more podcast time.

Sara said...

Wow. That's an adorable picture and writing. I loved how "husband" was spelled.

I can't listen to audio books. The one time I did, I almost got into an accident. I suppose I get too involved in the story:~)

Sorry, the Thanksgiving burger would be a NO for me. I'm not so fond of turkey anyway. The idea of the whole meal being on bun. Well, let's just say, I prefer the real hamburger (it's a guilty pleasure!)

Have a great rest of your week, Lynn:~)

Riot Kitty said...

Being partly Irish, I've never met a mashed potato that wasn't insanely good. Except for the garlic kind, 'cause I'm allergic.

Elephant's Child said...

That artwork is enchanting. Out f the mouths of babes .... Thank you.

Fireblossom said...

I read real books on my way home (on the bus)!

Shionge said...

This is so sweet and a great memory piece too so I hope they will keep this forever :)

TALON said...

The "frekels" cracked me up! How adorable! Neat artwork. I'll pass on the Thanksgiving Burger :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

So cute! We can only hope we even get there some day! me 2 of 4-
I like Just Turkey n cran sauce sandwiches. With cliff hanger moments like that in the driveway- I'd be sitting out there awhile! MB loves them too. She drives alot for work.

Lynn said...

happygirl -

Sometimes I think I'll never get caught up on sleep, but can't seem to sleep past sunrise on the weekends either.

Joe -

Indeed. I'm glad you like that - she is an adorable little girl and very busy with gymnastics and ballet.

Sparkling Red -

I have thought about doing podcasts when I walk for exercise, but love listening to my downloaded tunes for that, too.

Sara -

I love the creative spelling, as well.

Riot Kitty -

You are allergic to garlic? That would be difficult to control, I would think - it's in so many thing.

Lynn said...

The Elephant's Child -

Enchanting is such a wonderful word - thank you for using it here. It is enchanting!

FB -

I thought you were riding your bicycle - is that just in warmer weather? Yes - I read real books, too - my place has stacks of them everywhere.

Shionge -

I think they probably will keep it. This is a very loving family - I know one of her grammys, too - I guess she's the one that doesn't have freckles. :)

Talon -

I know - I can't believe I got talked into that one. I wouldn't order it again, but it was pretty good.

Snaggle -

I've done that with cliffhanger moments. :)

Joanne said...

Hmm maybe I should listen to books on tape while I'm doing things in lab! Sounds like it would be awesomely distracting.

Full-On-Forward said...

I may give Audio books a shot!

Really Heartwarming post!

Going to get milk BTW!!!! ;-)


Chatty Crone said...

Kids do write the cutest things don't they> Never heard of a Thanksgiving sandwich -lol. sandie

desk49 said...

It’s been a long time senses
I’ve post about the three things you’ve seen
Of gammy, thanksgiving buns can’t wait.
But I’m not trying to be mien
No gammy would I want to be
Yet a simple gramps is somewhat keen
Drop the Turkey on a bun
Give me meat and cook it lean
As for a book while driving around town
I tried to put a tape in
And the disc player came

Lynn said...

Joanne -

You can download them on an iPod - that would work great in a lab setting, I would think.

John -

Thank you and let me know if you give the audio books a shot - I think you would enjoy them.

Sandie -

Yeah they do!


Where have you been - I've missed you! Thank you for my poem - it made me smile!