Monday, February 18, 2013

Thinking of her, messages from the phone and the upside

- I was able to quickly snap this photo with my phone on Friday morning as we paused to let someone make a right turn.  The truck made me think of niece Amanda, who is a die hard University of Florida "Gators" fan.  That driver is a Gator fan, too - if you look carefully you can see the Gator sticker on the back window.  I texted the photo to Amanda after I parked at work (just down that hill) and we had a quick texting catch up. That was also a gorgeous 7:30 am sky.

- Earlier in the week, friend Colin texted that he was going to my home town of Milledgeville, Georgia on Friday and where should he and his friend have lunch?  I texted suggestions and remarked that I so miss Milledgeville.

Around lunch time on Friday, this text from him:  "At Georgia Bob's Barbecue for lunch and then on to Savannah." 

My reply:  "You should stop at my friend Susan's shop, The Red Door.  I have my parents' '60s china cabinet and buffet on consignment there.  And next to that is the best bakery in Georgia.  I love their German Nut Bars."

Then this instagram photo came:

 - My reply:  "Ah - there it is!  At least they can put things in it."  (It's been there since last August - people look, but don't buy.)  I like that his friend is doing the Price is Right gesture there.  :)

And then this instagram photo:

- There they are - German Nut Bars there in the center.

Me:  "You're getting at least one, right???"

Him:  "Of course."

Me:  "Have one for me."

Him:  K

Thanks for indulging me on my Friday journey through texting - it was a very up and down day (the down due to work drama), but this was definitely the upside.  :)


Riot Kitty said...

Yum! And I'd totally get your cabinet, if I had space ;)

Cloudia said...

mmmmm, German nuts

ALOHA from Honolulu!
Comfort Spiral
~ > < } } ( ° > <3

Granny Annie said...

This is a cut and paste response just to let you know I enjoyed your post. (Still issues with carpal tunnel and trigger finger.)

Lynn said...

Riot Kitty -

I actually thought about buying a house just so I could keep mom's china cabinet and buffet - perfect for a large kitchen - but no one is buying condos these days. :)

Cloudia -

They have a strip of raspberry in the middle, too. Yum.

Granny Annie -

So sorry to hear that, but I'm glad you visited!

G. B. Miller said...

Sometimes the best way to get through a crappy day at work is to receive something as basic as a text message. A simple text (or e-mail) is all it takes to make you forget about your work day and bask in the moment of life beyond the office.

Sparkling Red said...

Text messaging can be a lot of fun! I didn't understand it until I got a smart phone, but now I'm all about texting.

happygirl said...

I adore texting. I like it much better than talking on the phone. Mostly because there can be PICTURES! Good luck on the sale.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Looks like you sent your friend to just the right spots! N we get the tour of the china cabinet n those famous German bars that look so good! I'm so hungry, still haven't started dinner cooking yet... now I will!

Lynn said...

Granny Annie -

So sorry to hear you still have pain from the carpal tunnels - but glad you liked my post. :) Just to clarify.

G -

So true. One little thing like that can turn the whole thing around. I was so stressed over work that I went out around 1pm for a sit down lunch and started getting these texts. I was delighted.

Sparkling Red -

If it wasn't for texting, I would not have any communication with one of my sisters.

happygirl -

I know! I still have the iPhone 3GS - no instagram. But I can live without facetime. :)

Snaggle -

They do look good - I wonder if you want sweet baked goods at home since you handle them to much.

TALON said...

Yum - pass me one of those bars!

I know you had to work President's Day, but I hope it was a great one for you in spite of that fact!

Lynn said...

Talon -

It was just fine. :) I'll get over it.

Jannie Funster said...

Wonderful pix, all.

Drama drama, it happens eh? :)


Sara said...

Those German nut bars look sinfully good.

Consignment always takes time, but be patient. I like to think the cabinet and buffet are just waiting for the right people:~)

Lynn said...

Jannie -

Absolutely. :)


Sara -

There's a neat old record cabinet there, too. I wish I had room for it.