Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Walk along the lake, peace and purple mountains

- Saturday walk beside Lake Chatuge.  I love this trail that goes over the dam, through the woods and beside a recreation area - three miles total.  A perfect distance for a walk and it was fun watching all the activity on the water, too.  (As always - click to enlarge the photos.)

- Fishermen and a fisherwoman (in the middle) fishing off of a bass boat.  The air in that area had a slightly sweet / fishy scent that I remember from fishing on a lake with my dad years ago.

- A working farm not far from my sister's house by the river.  Those wild yellow daisies seemed to pop up everywhere this trip.  My favorite thing, as always - the purple mountains in the distance.


Granny Annie said...

That is a beautiful area to walk. Are others walking when you are there? I live in a scenic place but exercise by riding my stationary bicycle in the house.

Elephant's Child said...

Oh my. The serenity you captured has seeped through me screen. Thank you.

TALON said...

So beautiful. What a gorgeous place to decompress, Lynn.

LL Cool Joe said...

Love the atmospheric shots. I'd love to learn to fish. 3 miles sounds a perfect length to me too. :)

Maude Lynn said...

I know just what you mean about that scent. It's one of my favorite in all the world.

Lynn said...

Granny Annie -

It is. And yes - there is always someone in sight when I walk there. I think however you are getting your exercise is good as long as you are doing it. :)

Elephant's Child -

I love that it seeped! Thanks for saying.

Talon -

It really is - I'm so lucky to get to go there.

Joe -

The trick is to go with someone who is a good fisherperson. I don't like to touch the fish or the bait, but like to hold the fishing pole. :)

Mama Zen -

It took me right back. I'm glad you got to experience that, too.

Lee said...

You've capture the peace and harmony of the area very well, Lynn.

Ahhh...the serenity...there should be more of it!

Take good care. :)

Riot Kitty said...

Gorgeous! I'm not into fishing but into walking.

Snaggle Tooth said...

What a pretty place! Glad you're getting in some non-rainy week-ends for your walks. Great to have fond fishing memories with your Dad. Alot going on around here with folks fishing too.
I got a few rouge Shasta daisies in flowerpots this summer/ Planted seeds for the yellow ones years ago but none came up. Wild flowers are so nifty. I don't know why the distant peaks always are so much larger in person than in cam pics- n know the feeling.

Joanne said...

Such beautiful scenery! I feel so at peace after reading this!

Lynn said...

Lee -

I am always looking for serenity. :)

Riot Kitty -

I'm not really into fishing either, but I do it with the men in our family. It was a way for me to have good quality time with my dad when he could still do it.

Snaggle -

I like your new pic! I'm having to resort to Leslie Sansone walking DVDs for rainy days, or days when I'm very busy. They are good, too.

Joanne -

I'm so glad.