Friday, November 28, 2014

Serendipitous, good things and more good things

- A favorite photo - taken a few years ago, in November, from the side of a road that borders Chastain Park in Atlanta.  For the life of me, I can't remember where I turned that day so that I found this spot.  I was on a work errand and was turning around here.  Truly serendipitous, I guess!  I would like to be sitting here with you - having a chat about that view, watching the geese fly south, as I'm seeing so often the last several days.  I was thinking the other day about the friends who visit my blog and how grateful I am for your visits and friendship.

- "Good things happen when you meet strangers." - Yo Yo Ma

- "Be true to the game, because the game will be true to you.  If you try to shortcut the game, then the game will shortcut you.  If you put forth the effort, good things will be bestowed upon you.  That's truly about the game, and in some ways that's about life, too." - Michael Jordan

Yo Yo Ma (one of my favorite musicians) and Michael Jordan - they have something in common, those two, with the good things quotes.  I hope you are having a good week and that you have a great weekend!


Elephant's Child said...

The blogosphere is wonderful in the way it brings us together isn't it?
I hope you had a wonderful day.

Lee said...

I'm thankful that I found your blog...and you, Lynn. :)

Leonora said...

These benches are the perfect place for a chat. I can imagine us sitting there for a spell. : )
Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

LL Cool Joe said...

I often feel like closing my blog, but the thing that stops me every time is I know how much I'd miss my blogging friends, like you. Have a great weekend!

sage said...

The benches are so inviting!

Riot Kitty said...

I hope we do get to meet in person one day!

G. B. Miller said...

For the life of me, I cannot remember how I came across your blog all those years ago, but I'm sure glad I did.

Hope you had a goody this year.

Father Nature's Corner

Sparkling Red said...

That's a gorgeous view.

If I ever feel too lazy to blog, I think of how much I value my blog friends, and that gets me up and typing. :-)

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Sara said...

It's amazing reading the comments to this post. Just when I think it might be time to stop blogging, I run across a post like yours.

Reading the comments reminds me of just why I love to visit your site and the sites of others. I always finish my visits with a feeling of connection. So, thanks for the reminder:~)