Friday, July 31, 2015

The getaway, the taste and smells of summer

- I can almost smell the air by the banks of the Hiwassee River and can almost feel the cool breeze.  That's where I'll be the beginning of next week when we have our annual sisters gathering - three sisters converging from three different states to spend a few days in yet another state.  It's badly needed down time for me - I'm so looking forward to it.

- Summer.  I never look forward to it, knowing how hot it will be, but it's hotter in other places in our country/the world, so I don't like to complain too much.  Earlier this morning when I was slicing watermelon to bring with me to work today, I was thinking that is one of the high points of summer - watermelon + Georgia peaches, blueberries and summer food in general.

- Sometimes when I catch the scent of freshly mowed grass, it takes me back to summers as a child.  Our house was not air conditioned until I was a young teen, and I don't remember it being that bad.  It was lovely to have the windows of the house open, ceiling fans whirring and the scent of the mowed grass coming in.

Have a wonderful weekend and wonderful next few days.  I'll be by your blogs until I get out of internet range next week.  (That's one thing I like about that mountain house - no computer and no cell phone data.)


Lee said...

I believe when we were younger and during our childhood we didn't feel the heat as much as we do as we grow older...well, speaking for myself, anyway. I hate the heat of summer these days and I much prefer the cooler weather.

Our winters here are never that cold, but it's always easier to rug up a bit to keep warm, whereas in summer the heat seems nigh impossible to escape.

We never had air conditioning when I was a kid, either; I still don't.

Has a year flown by already since your last sisters' get-together!!! Wow! It's true...time does fly by all too quickly. Enjoy your time with your sisters, will be wonderful. :)

Elephant's Child said...

Love that photo.
Loathe the heat of summer. And can't deal with freshly cut grass scent either - instant sneexing and headache.
Have a wonderful time away with your sisters. Such a delightful tradition...

LL Cool Joe said...

Sadly here in the UK getting over hot is rarely an issue. We don't even need a/c in the house. Sometimes I long to feel too hot, and the older I get the more I enjoy the sun. Strange.

I hope you have a wonderful time away with your sisters, and time away from a mobile phone is always good.

Granny Annie said...

I am wishing you a wonderful time with the sisters and hope you will enjoy a break from the internet for a while. You will be missed. I want to tell you the name of those salads again. Bistro Salads and Taylor Farms salads. A few would be right up your alley especially the Taylor Farms apple walnut.

Leonora said...

Mowed grass triggers the same memory for me- carefree summers with the windows open, no A/C, mom and dad working in the yard on a Saturday morning. Good memories!
Enjoy your getaway! You deserve it!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

We didn't seem to need Air Conditioning when I was a kid.....And now, I need it ALL the time. Age and illness have made it an absolutely needed requirement.

I always loved the smell of newly mowed grass.....!

I can't believe a whole year has gone by since your Annual Sisters Time.....where did the year go?

Lovely images----lovely flowers.....
Have a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL time, my dear!

desk49 said...

Been gone gone. vacation time
just got back
Thanks for dropping by.

Ileana said...

I love the way you describe your childhood summer...the scents, the fans...takes me back, too. No one had a/c in their homes in upstate NY. I remember how hot it was and although I didn't love it I appreciated it after what felt like nine months of cold, dreary weather.

On the bright side, September is just a month away! Happy August!

Sparkling Red said...

I agree that summer fruit is the best. I love the smell of ripe peaches warming in sunshine.

Have a lovely holiday with your sisters!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your getaway!

Riot Kitty said...

Beautiful pic once again Hope you had a good escape.

desk49 said...

A meeting place
Where hearts renew
The Hiwassee River
You and sisters two

Tho hot it brings
A taste for you
This time of year
As summer brews

Scents from things
That were not year round
Brought back your childhood
That was earthly bound

desk49 said...
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Joanne said...

Summer is definitely at it's height! Have so much fun vacationing with your sisters!!

Jannie Funster said...

I can also smell the air there too! And I've never been to that area. I picture it as fresh, fragrant and ready for starry enjoyment.

Sisters gathering, fabulous!!!!! There will be lots of laughs and amazing food, I'm sure.