Friday, October 16, 2009

Mystically magical, listening and a good thing

- A bit of a gloomy photo because of the rain, but this was snapped while creeping behind other cars on an entrance ramp to I-85 north in Atlanta. It is the tents for a show called Cavalia that will begin soon. The tents are all lit up in the early morning when I make the reverse trip into work. They look mystically magical then, as if a caravan has lost its way and settled down at Atlantic Station.

- Speaking to my mother on the telephone while dad is away, I love it that she has the television off and is listening to music. What music? The soundtrack to the film, "Titanic."

- A good thing in an email from friend Jannie Funster: I was next in line at the bank yesterday when the pretty young teller greeted an elderly man (he must've been at least 80) with "Hello! What brings you to the bank today, Sir?" He answered "I've come to check my balance," as he outstretched both his arms and began teetering on one leg. But he balanced very well and we all laughed out loud!

When he was leaving the teller called out "Have a great day!" to which he turned with an elfish grin to reply "Love to help you out with that, but I've already made other plans."

It made her day and mine, too, just reading her account. :)


g-man said...

Lynn...Do you even remember what the Sun looks like?
Or how it feels?
Endeavor to persevere My Dear....G

Lynn said...

G-man -

I do remember. But we have had so much that an umbrella just goes everywhere with me! We persevere.

And tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, but colder. Yay!

Cookie said...

What a funny guy at the bank!
It's dark and creepy here too. Love that photo!

Lynn said...

Cookie -

Dark and creepy is a good way to put it. It is supposed to be better tomorrow though. Thank you - I thought perhaps it was too gloomy.

TALON said...

That must have been a nice sight in the midst of all the rain! The tents have a fairytale quality to them.

I love people who make everyday things more interesting and fun. That gentleman has a great attitude!

I've got Celine Dion in my head now...and I'll be humming under my breath this afternoon..."my heart will go on..." :)

Jannie Funster said...

Sunshiney here today! nice and cool.

I clicked the Cavalia link -- sounds really really great, their site music is haunting. I wonder if they are the Zigfield and Roy of horses, maybe so.

Blue Bunny said...

i lieked that funny bank man too, he was eben older than my jannie -- old!

Riot Kitty said...

Love that last paragraph!

LL Cool Joe said...

We've had a cold but sunny day, today.

I love that story about the guy in the bank. How cool he sounds. That's the kind of thing that wouldn't happen in the UK!

Lynn said...

Talon -

They finally put up a huge Cavalia sign - I have been wondering what the tents were for. There is a just a glimpse of them in the morning as I am rounding a curvy to yet another expressway.

I love people with spirit and who aren't afraid to show it - like the man in the bank.

Great music to have in your head!

Jannie -

I don't know but it looks like an expensive ticket to me!

BB -

Do you sit on your Jannie's shoulder at the bank?

Riot Kitty -

A colorful and spirited man. I especially love that Jannie witnessed that and thought of my blog.

Joe -

Sunny and cold here tomorrow, as well. I like people in the UK - we tried not to be loud Americans when we were there. I got to stay in a hotel that overlooked the Tower Bridge. A great memory.

forever lost said...

ha, I can understand the Titanic sound track! It has been such a rainy ucky while hasnt. I drove to nashville for a visit and it all was up there as well!

Maude Lynn said...

That picture is really cool.

Hope you get some sun soon!

Lynn said...

Boots -

I was supposed to stay at the Stone Mountain Highland Games today until about 4, but bailed because of the drippy day. And it was turned really cold now, too. I guess it is just like that in the southeast right now.

Mama Zen -

Thank you and I hope so, too.

Blue Bunny said...

noe, i hids in her poket and peekes out. sumtimes in her perse.

Lynn said...

Blue Bunny -

Either place - a great place to be!

Unseen India Tours said...

Beautiful shot !! I loved the post !! Thanks for sharing..Unseen Rajasthan

Lynn said...

Bharat -

Thank you for coming by.

Surfer Earning Free said...

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Snaggle Tooth said...

The tents remind me of Arabian Nights...
Titanic had some great tunes, which is why I like watching it. I like the Irish jig fiddle music, too-
All older folks need a good sense of humor- like that guy! (I needs somma dat)

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

Good observation - they do look like that. I think you have a great sense of humor.