Monday, December 28, 2009

The farm, peace and legacy

- Early morning on the farm in Jefferson County, Florida, in the part of the state known as the "panhandle." My brother-in-law's devoted dog Moby is just visible in the distance hunting for something in the grass.

- Stepping outside, I hear nothing at first and then let the sounds of birds singing and cattle lowing in the distance wash over me. A perfect peaceful moment.

- Christmas morning. Moby was born on Christmas day five years ago and is protector of the family. He gamely wore this festive collar - for a little while anyway.

- My brother-in-law's pride and joy - his new cook shed, surrounded by Live Oak trees. A good place to hang out and barbecue. The bell at the top came from his family's lake house from long ago. The one item they kept after the house was sold. His mom used to ring it to call the boys in for meals or bedtime. A wonderful legacy.

- A very thoughtful gift. On Saturday morning, two employees of their small business drove up with a picnic table for the new shed. They made it out of cypress wood. It is a work of art.

- A bird girl keeps watch over the property and is a dispenser of seed for feathered friends.


G. B. Miller said...

Looks like the perfect place to escape to when the worries of the day threaten to dampen the spirit.

Lynn said...

G -

A perfect place to escape. Indeed.

TALON said...

How beautiful! Nothing refreshes the spirit more sweetly than country music of the natural variety.

That table is gorgeous! What a labour of love!

lol @ Moby. You know he's thinking, "Okay, okay, I get it...I'm's only once a year..."

LL Cool Joe said...

I love that cook shed. I'm quite jealous!

Lynn said...

Talon -

My brother-in-law was the one who balked at Moby's attire. :)

And yes - sweet country music of the natural variety. A good way to put it.

Joe -

He loves to barbecue - and this gives him a good place to hang out in the fresh air. He put a porch swing over to the side for my sis.

Maude Lynn said...

What a beautiful place!

Riot Kitty said...

That does look like a tranquil place. And cute dog!

Lynn said...

Mama Zen -

It is very beautiful. But, oh my, HOT and humid in the summer. This is my time of year at the farm.

Riot Kitty -

He is cute, but a ferocious protector of the family. When the guys drove up with the picnic table he sounded as if he would eat them alive. They had to put him up in the garage. :)

Lance said...

The photos really look peaceful and relaxed. Looks like a wonderful place to "be"...

Meredith said...

What a wonderful series of photos, Lynn!

Beautiful landscape, and I love the touches of the bird girl and the bell with a provenance. I'm glad you got to spend time listening to the silence that is not empty out there... you probably don't get much of that in Atlanta. :)

Lynn said...

Lance -

A wonderful place to let it be. Yes.

Meredith -

Thank you and there are so many noises around me here in Atlanta - traffic, the train whistle in the distance, etc. Out there - nothing except nature. Simply beautiful.

Jamie said...

That place is awesome!

Right now, any place that wasn't covered in white would look awesome to me.


Snaggle Tooth said...

What a gorgeous scene to be part of! Moby looks so affectionate- How special to be a Christmas baby!
A meal bell is something I've never heard in real life before (but seen on tv). My Mom used to yell, n yell louder!
That table is a looker-
Beautiful pics, interesting bird-feeder sculpture. You're so good at finding artwork.

Lynn said...

Jamie -

I think it would be fun to have a white Christmas. So the grass is always greener... :)

Snaggle -

I took so many photos on this trip that it has been fun to tell a story with them. There are so many that I left out. But I can bring them in here and there. I hope you are having a good week and staying warm!

Kim said...

Wow, Lynn. What a gorgeous place to see. Love the Live Oaks...thanks for sharing! And a special "woof" to Moby!

Lynn said...

Kim -

Aren't those beautiful trees? I am lucky to have such a nice place to visit. Woof back, from Moby. :)