Monday, May 24, 2010

Orchard, favorites and catching up

- While clearing out our family home to prepare it for sale, my sisters and I chose some items we would like to take and I was so pleased to bring home these fruit plates. The three plates above the window and the top two on the left came from my grandmother's kitchen originally, then were in mom and dad's kitchen for years. My dad gave the five lower plates to mom and I thought they all made a nice grouping.

- These three were my favorites though. I can still remember them in my grandmother's kitchen - the pear plate has always been my absolute favorite.

- Finally finding a home for that large soup pot, that I posted about several days ago, after pulling out the pots and pans cabinet and judiciously putting it all back in. It was fun to catch up on little home projects this weekend.


TALON said...

It's funny, but my eye was immediately drawn to the pear plate. They're lovely. I love having things around that take us back to special memories of special people.

LL Cool Joe said...

My mother is a plate collector, and when ever we travelled to Europe we'd bring her back another one to add to her collection. Each one tells a different story. :)

Maude Lynn said...

I was immediately drawn to the pear plate, too! Isn't that odd?

Lynn said...

Talon -

My grandmother had a wonderfully bright and sunny kitchen - painted pale yellow with white cabinets. These plates hung over the window and I used to love to look at them. I was so pleased when my mom ended up with them. She hung them over the pass through in her kitchen and now they hang in my kitchen. I love them.

Joe -

That's a great present. I have ended up with lots of plates, but don't consider that I have a collection. Oh my - I have so much stuff. I don't think there is one more thing that can go in my place.

Mama Zen -

Because it is the prettiest and most distinct one.

Riot Kitty said...

My grandmother had a set of ceramic dishes with strawberries painted on them, and when my aunt gave them to a friend, I was heartbroken (at age 10) that I didn't get to keep them!

It was the happy times I associated with them, not the design, that made me want to keep them.

Kim said...

Those plates are beautiful! I have a small ivory elephant that i found when we moved into our landlord's house back in about 1980..I still have it! Wonderful knowing where things came from and keeping them for our own journey.

Lynn said...

RK -

Exactly - it is the feeling associated with the plates. So many memories will always flash through my head. Having them up makes me want to take down that busy orchard wallpaper and paint the room pale yellow. :)

Kim -

Yes - and knowing that I can pass them along to one of my nieces who will hopefully want them.

I'll bet the elephant has an honored place.

Brian Miller said...

those plates are really cool. my mom used to have some similar...wonder where they are now...

Snaggle Tooth said...

I find it somewhat ironic that your wall paper is covered with fruit, with accents of the pretty fruit plates on top! I don't know anyone else doinfg plates, but remember some small spoons!
My Nannies things are treasured too! I have glass ornaments, mantel Angels, n one piece from the ancient china cabinet. You are so lucky to remember those old times when you see the plate!
Glad you found a spot for the large pan- I'd love more putter time myself-

Lynn said...

Brian -

Sometimes people like to change out decor - maybe they are still around.

Snaggle -

I saw that wallpaper at someone else's house and copied it. Sometimes I wish I had just painted the walls and could still do that, but it seems like a lot of effort right now. :) I wish you time to putter, too - maybe you'll have some time off coming up.