Monday, May 3, 2010

Winner, lucky earrings and serenaded

- This sweet little rag rug that I won at a silent auction (to benefit my church's preschool) on Saturday. The woman who made the rug for the auction showed it to me several days ago and said, "I hope someone will want it." Someone did.

- Viewing some of the items with a nice woman who I do not know very well. She is wearing earrings with a magician's face on them. She says they are her lucky earrings and she always wears them when playing poker. We plan a poker night sometime soon.

- A highlight of the auction: being serenaded by the preschool kids while we enjoyed our pasta dinner. They sang, "On Top of Spaghetti" to the tune of "On Top of Old Smokey" and rang handbells as an accompaniment.


Ileana said...

That little rug is adorable! My husky would LOVE it! :)

I need to find some lucky earrings to go with my lucky Marilyn Monroe necklace (made by a blogger friend, Carmen.)

How fun to be serenaded with that song while eating pasta! lol

Glad you had a nice weekend! Have a great week, Chica!!

Lynn said...

Ily -

The rug will go in my refurbished bathroom when it is ready - I think it will look good on the white floor in there. I am certain my cat will claim it as hers. :)

You need to post about that necklace so I can see it.

You have a great week, too!

Jannie Funster said...

Yes, sweet rug!

I have a lucky blue hat -- won $50 in Reno wearing it.

Ah, so you're doing your bathroom too, awesome!

And I just LOVE handbells, nothing like handbell tune to send me runnning for the Kleenex -- I'm serious!


Granny Annie said...

Rag rugs are wonderful and practically obsolete. You will enjoy this prize.

TALON said...

The rug is lovely. I love handcrafted items and those rag rugs are soooo durable and easy to care for.

Now I'm wondering what talisman you'll be sporting to poker night, Lynn! :)

Brian Miller said...

what a cool careful of the

Lynn said...

Jannie -

I am having the wallpaper taken down and the walls pained a lovely blue green color, called Lake Country. Just a little refurbish. I've got a print in there with some periwinkle / lavendar in it as well as a cabinet that has lavendar trim. So the rug looks make to order. :)

Annie -

Seriously? I didn't know they were almost obsolete. Cool.

Talon -

Hmmm - what talisman? Maybe my lucky shoes. :)

Brian -

You know the sorcerer looking machine in the movie Big? With Tom Hanks? That was kind of the face that was on her earrings. She says she's had them since college.

Meredith said...

What a beautiful rag rug, Lynn! My grandmother used to make these out of leftover strips she got for pennies from the local sock mill, and I wish I had learned how now. I saw one recently in a posh catalog for almost $300 -- stunning considering it's made of *rags* and probably made in China, to boot. Apparently they're coming back in style. But you can't do better than a handmade version for a good cause. I'm sure it will be a lovely addition to your home. :)

LL Cool Joe said...

Great rug!

Well the earrings sound great but I don't believe in luck.

Are you a good poker player? I've never played.

Lynn said...

Meredith -

I was just looking at my photo again - oh my. I woke to a loud thunderstorm and just wanted to pull the covers over my head. My quick photo of the rug was a little tilty. :) I do think it is a treasure and I am very pleased to have won it. You are right - so much craftsmanship will be lost if we don't take up the cause of learning it. I'm not talented in that way though.

Joe -

I've never played poker either. We'll find out when we get our game together. Fortunately it is for very low stakes. :)

Riot Kitty said...

Oh no! That "on top of old smokey" song is in my head now! I didn't know anyone over age 7 sang that anymore ;)

Lynn said...

Riot Kitty -

They were all under the age of 7. :) And extremely cute.

Snaggle Tooth said...

A dear childhood neighbor's mom used to make those rugs- some were braided n oblong, n Afghans too. She passed several years ago- Takes alot of patirnce to accomplish such work.
Better watch out for the luck from those earrings- you may get cleaned out!
Always liked that song! Can always use a good laugh- Bells sound wonderful in concert.

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

The rug making like that seems to by a waning art.

If I'm cleaned out, it will only be for about $5. I will play for the fun of it - not much true competitive spirit here. :)

It was fun to see those little ones perform that song.

Louvregirl said...

Lynn~ I like that rug (love 'rag' rugs in general!) Very nice item; well done!

Lynn said...

lg -

Thank you - I can't wait to get it in place in its proper home. :)