Friday, January 21, 2011

Dad's bowl, the moon and dose of cheer

- This is the bowl that my father used to put together his bread dough - he referred to it as his bread bowl. One of his friends carved it for him and carved the rolling pin, too. I still can't believe I got to have it. A late evening tap on the door last night revealed the UPS man with a package containing the iron display stand I ordered weeks ago and had almost forgotten about. The bowl was well-used and I might just have to see if I can follow in dad's footsteps and make bread myself.

- When I turned onto Midvale Drive yesterday morning on my little journey to work, the full moon was perfectly framed between the trees on either side of the road. I got glimpses of it here and there during my drive.

- My co-workers love a particular kind of candy that comes from Wal-Mart called Cinnamon Discs. So I steeled myself for a lunchtime visit to this mega store to stock up and encountered the most cheerful checkout man ever. I thanked him for his cheerfulness - I needed a dose of that right about then and told him so. He told me it was his first day and he needed that compliment right about then, so it worked out for both of us.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friends!


Louvregirl said...

Wow Lynn. What an absolute treasure. That bowl is wonderful and that it is your Father's~~oooh. I really like the way you have displayed it.
Any thoughts on making ...bread?
Have a great day! It is 20 something here with (add light blowing snow)winds gusting to 50; a very good day to stay indoors. Maybe I will make bread!

Louvregirl said...

The patina on the wood is great!

Jannie Funster said...

Ahh, that third one makes my heart grin. Can never get enough cheery times.

I saw the waning moon a half hour ago framed between Taco Bell and The Wiener de Schnitzel -- romantic as all get out!

Ummmm, I'm going to Lynn's for fresh bread!! Soft butter and molasses, heavenly! Gained 8 lbs just thinking about it!


TALON said...

I love keeping company with the moon...and keeping company with well-loved objects...

desk49 said...

Two thank you was all that was needed
to make two people smile.
The moon was playing pick a boo
Between the trees as I went to work in stile
Now could I forget the bowl
That for my dad was made
From it bread he cooked
And now it’s here to stay

Granny Annie said...

To have cooking items like that bowl and rolling pin from your father is a unique thrill. It will always be heirloom treasure.

Glancing the moon in various stages of frame is such a personal treat.

A cheerful WalMart checker is a rare find. Glad you found each other.

sage said...

Nice bowl--I have one that was carved by a man in Crusoe Island along the Waccamaw River. I saw him cut it out, but it isn't as nice as your dads!

Lynn said...

lg -

It started out at 20 something degrees here this morning. The wind is bad, too, but no snow here! :) I have never made bread and I wish I had gotten my dad to teach me. Do you have a good recipe for a whole grain bread?

Jannie -

Come on over! And I am happy to make your heart grin. :)


Talon -

Yes - your moon shots are so beautiful.

Ellis -

I like it! Thank you for my poem!

Granny Annie -

I think so, too. I guess I was meant to have it - no one else expressed any interest in it when we were clearing out the house. I love and cherish it.

The Wal-mart guy was so pleased for me that I got a Danskin hoodie for $7. :) He was just delightful.

Sage -

The man who carved it is long dead now - he had terminal cancer when he was making these bowls. I wish he had signed it on the bottom.

Fireblossom said...

It's nice to have things that remind us of our dads, isn't it?

Maude Lynn said...

That bowl is so lovely! What a treasure! I love the way you have it displayed.

Riot Kitty said...

Let me know how the bread turns out - I'm trying a new recipe, too. Nice moment with you and the guy at the store.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I love wooden dishes- that bowl is cool! Wish I had time n energy to knead bread- I've read in Fannie Farmer (old edition) that it's alot of arm work- I didn't glimpse the moon at all this week, so wasn't sure when the full moon was- but could seee the super low cove tide past 2 days.
Sometimes cheer is all the right person at the right time!

Louvregirl said...

I don't have a good whole grain recipe I'm afraid. My kids and hubby like mostly white homemade bread. The last batch that I made (I just used a bread machine recipe from the web) had one cup of whole wheat and they complained!

Holland said...

Isn't home made bread the best. And the smell that will come from the kitchen... hmmm... just the finest smell ever.
That bowl and pin are just great and I really like how you displayed them.
Great encounter at the big store... and don't we all need compliments once in a while?

Ileana said...

Oh, I hope you make bread in your dad's bread bowl! I'm glad you got to keep it, too...and love the iron display stand.

I know exactly how it feels to give and receive compliments when you need them. They make for some memorable moments!

Lynn said...

FB -

I do love that. Yes, indeed.

MZ -

It is a treasure. I haven't found the perfect spot yet - I may just have to move now. :)

RK -

If you have a whole wheat recipe - I'd love to have it.

Snaggle -

I'll bet you get enough of baking in your job.

lg -

I like white bread, too, but am on this whole grain kick right now. Too bad! :)

Holland -

We do need that once in a while - a bit of an energy boost, I think.

Lulu -

I will make time for that - I owe to dad and the bowl.

Wendy said...

the bread bowl is gorgeous. It will be nice to work in the same bowl that your father used to. How wonderful.

I'm glad about your mutual dose of cheer. I'm sure you made his day as well. Sometimes we just need to open our mouths and speak, rather than just silently go about our business, right?

Adrenalynn said...

Lynn, I'm so glad you got to have that bowl, and I love how you have it out for everyone to see! I have a suspicion that you're a great person to meet when in the need of some cheerfulness!

LL Cool Joe said...

Sorry I missed this post Lynn, the weekend was crazy, I hope yours was a good one?

I'd love to make my own bread. We have a bread maker and it's never been used!

Lynn said...

Wendy -

I had been on the receiving end of some verbal unhappiness just minutes before and it just made it so much better to encounter someone so intent on making my customer experience better.

Lynn -

I aim to be that person all the time.

Joe -

I think you should use the bread machine and blog about it. That might be fun - I've always wondered about those.