Monday, January 17, 2011

Darkness into light, good neighbor and anniversary

- "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."
— Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

- A neighbor pulling in front of my car at the trash compactor at the condos wordlessly reaches for my bag of trash to throw in with his.

- Feeling a bit wistful at the thought of leaving a warm house at 7am this morning for the commute. But remembering how many people I know who are out of work and remembering what that is like. It is my three-year anniversary week at my current job.

The photo was taken the Friday before the big snow in the back of the building in which I work.


desk49 said...

Without the darkness there is no light through the light we can see the darkness

A picture is worth a thousand words and a ides is worth a thousand pictures

A helping hand not pasted along dies without meaning

Warmth kept to oneself will not warm the heart

Small pay for a big job will encourage one more than a free handout.

Fireblossom said...

The quote is a nice touch today, Lynn. :-) I wonder what might be different today had he lived.

sage said...

Lovely picture, I like the sky reflected in the puddle. Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary--yesterday marked my 7that my current job.

LL Cool Joe said...

Love the photo.

Yes we often moan about work etc, but where would we be without it really?

Congrats on your 3 year anniversary. :)

Granny Annie said...

Love the photo, love the quote, love the neighbor, love your work attitude. Happy 3rd Anniversary:)

Louvregirl said...

Wow Lynn! That's a great 'reflection' photo! How cool that you caught that in the puddle in the forefront. This doesn't happen all that often! What a great pink sky; mottled looking. Thanks!

Lynn said...

Ellis -

All true!

FB -

He was a lovely, peaceful man - I always wonder about that, too.

Sage -

That morning was just gray until I walked around the corner and saw that view of the sky and the reflection in the puddle. It's why I keep my camera with me all the time.

Joe -

We'd be without a paycheck! :)

Granny Annie -

Thank you for all the love!

lg -

A particularly glorious moment. And lucky me that there is a pothole there so I could have the reflection. :)

TALON said...

Wow - the perfect quote to accompany an astonishing shot. Isn't it wonderful how beauty can show up in the most unexpected of places?

G. B. Miller said...

Beautiful shot, and what a thoughtful neighbor you have.

Jannie Funster said...

Happy 3 years! Wow, time flies.

Happy MLK day!! Words so true.

Cool photo indeed!

What were you listening to today on your commute?


Sparkling Red said...

Happy threeweekaversary! :-)

Riot Kitty said...

Wow, beautiful quote and photo to match. Are you still knee deep in snow?

Lynn said...

Talon -

I wanted to pay tribute to Dr. King's day today and that seemed like such a perfect quote.

G -

He is thoughtful. And quiet! :)

Jannie -

On my commute today I listened to NPR news - the music on my regular stations weren't doing it for me.


Sparkling Red -

Thank you!

Riot Kitty -

Fortunately the snow is on the wane. :)

Ileana said...

Nice photo and MLK quote! I'm actually starting to enjoy my morning commute. Love the chat time with the kids, loud music and hot cafe con leche I prepare for the road!

Have a great week, chica!

Lynn said...

Lulu -

I don't mind it really - after the initial blast of cold air and getting the car warmed up. There's always a book or music to listen to. I like the thought of that hot drink for the road.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Oooo What a spectacular sky! With the reflection it's a great pic- Thanks for the MLK quote-
You have really nice neighbors. 3 years is ok because you seem to like all your work adventures.

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

There's not enough $$$ associated with it, but is fun most days. :)