Monday, September 26, 2011

Henrietta, losing track of time and good neighbors

- A member of my church, from Ghana by birth, speaks about her efforts to promote food preservation in her native country and brings a Ghanaian dish to the luncheon - a groundnut (peanut) stew. Delicious.

- My sister calls while in port from her cruise with husband and friends up the east coast. They are in Bar Harbor, Maine, this day. She is having so much fun that she doesn't even know it is Sunday.

- Neighbors rallying around a man who has broken his leg, by taking food over and taking shifts walking his dog.


Fireblossom said...

Yup, you know how to vacation when you lose track of the day. :-)

And hooray for the neighbors!

Granny Annie said...

Peanut stew -- hum? Is that a picture of your church?

More phone calls with people on trips. When will it be your turn?

Comfort food and dog walking -- perfect gifts for special needs neighbor.

Leonora said...

My sister-in-law is from Ghana. She cooked a peanut stew for us, but she put fish in it which threw us off a bit.
Great neighbors!

happygirl said...

Such neighborly neighbors. My neighbor had the tree from our yard that fell in his yard, cut up and removed. Except for the GIANT stump. I love good neighbors. And a vacation so good you don't even know what day is is. Heavenly. I'm glad the stew was good.

Jannie Funster said...

Hi Lynn. have you ever been to Maine?

I remember from "The Poisonwood Bible" how peanuts were sometimes the only source of protein available. Life sustaining blessings.

Nice neighbors!


LL Cool Joe said...

I always lose track of time and days when I'm on holiday in the States. Nice.

Love the colours in your photo!

Lynn said...

FB -

She said everyone was walking around with umbrellas in their drinks. :)

This is the second time that guy has broken his leg walking his dog. The first time he slipped on ice and this time the dog tripped him up as he was going down the steps. Yikes.

Granny Annie -

Yes - it is. And I don't have $$$ for big trips like that, but don't mind hearing about it. :)

Leonora -

Henrietta had chicken (with bones) and pieces of beef in hers. I went back for more sauce over rice. Yum.

happygirl -

That sounds like a good neighbor you have. And my sis was just going to leave me a message, thinking I would be at work. :)

Jannie -

That sounds a little like that know the one.

That is a great book.


Joe -

I used a photo I already had. I took a picture of Henrietta speaking to us, but hate to post photos of people without asking permission.

Sara said...

I agree with Fireblossom...that's the way to vacate:~)

The picture is beautiful. I love the color light coming through the window. It's makes me feel peaceful.

I hope the man with a broken leg recovers quickly, but he is lucky to have such good friends.

Enjoy your day:~)

Riot Kitty said...

Gorgeous picture, where is that from? I love seeing outpourings of support like that. After Mr. RK's mom's accident, I was just overwhelmed by how nice friends (like you) were.

Anil P said...

To not know it's a Sunday means they're having a great time. Great to have time leave one alone once in a while.

Hope the neighbour's leg heals soon.

Lynn said...

Sara -

That picture was taken of some seldom used back stairs that lead to the balcony of my church. I'm glad it made you feel peaceful...

Riot Kitty -

It is at my church. Me, too - I think we should all help each other when we can. Thank you for saying that.

Anil -

Yes - I'm glad she is having a good time. She is on a ten-day cruise. Lovely.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I always feel sorry for folks allergic to Peanuts! The Thai salad we had at the PC party with peanuts was delish too... want some now.
Lucky Sis has hit great Maine weather for this time of year! I hear a Blue Whale was spotted in the Gulf of Maine last week- Hope they have a great cruise!
Good neighbors are such a blessing!