Friday, September 16, 2011

Playing piano, talk louder and perfect weather

- This is a great story - an elderly couple walk into the lobby of the Mayo Clinic for a checkup and spot a piano. They've been married for 62 years and he'll be 90 this year. Check out this impromptu performance - love his bounce and how she keeps smiling toward the camera. We are only as old as we feel, it's all attitude.

- My hairdresser and I have something of a who's on first conversation, causing me to explain my hearing issues (from too many loud concerts, most likely), after he cuts my Justin Bieber-length bangs. How much? He either says $7 or $17; he repeats it a second time, and the third time says "SEVEN!" As I leave he debates having a beer and says, "Because I'm thirsty or it's Thursday - take your pick." Wise guy. :)

- A surprise invitation from friend Lori to see the Atlanta Braves play the New York Mets on Sunday, which promises to be a perfect weather day, with a high of 79 degrees.

I hope you have wonderful weather and good things happen to you this weekend, my friends!


G. B. Miller said...

Let's hope that the Mets play spoilers to the Braves playoff hopes. :D

Ileana said...

OMG, does that old man on the piano have a brother?? I love duets but my husband is probably the most non-creative man I've ever yeah, send me his brother! lol I LOVE their sweet performance and how they jumped around and switched places. (Glad neither one of them got hurt doing that!). :)

Happy Weekend to YOU, amiga!! Hope you enjoy it to the fullest!!!

Leonora said...

I love how he pats her behind every time they switch places : )

Granny Annie said...

What a fun performance and so glad someone caught it on video. Loved the way they both patted each other on the butt as they switched sides. Yep we're only as old as we feel.

The things I think I hear are a lot funnier than what people are actually saying:)

Would you be surprised to know I don't know if you're talking about football, baseball or basketball? But hopefully it will be a good weather day for whatever.

Louvregirl said...

Lynn! Love it when they switched places!! Could it actually be possible for my husband and myself to be having such FUN when we are old and gray??! I have to, at least, ask myself the question!

Lynn said...

G -

Let's Go Braves!!! :)

Ily -

This is probably what has kept them active - they have so much fun. You can just tell.

Leonora -

Me, too. :)

Granny Annie -

And I didn't even notice that at first - I was so fascinated with the switching places.

Major League Baseball. America's Team! (Because it is aired on Turner Broadcasting.) :)

lg -

I hope so, lg - I'll bet you will.

Jannie Funster said...

Lynn, I'll cut your hair for just $1.99!!

Ooooo, sounds like a great game in the offing. Have fun. Root, root root for the home team. :)

Yes, that video, that couple tells me what life is all about. Or should be!

P.S. Look for one pink-shirted, $18 hat jpeg in your email this weekend.


Sparkling Red said...

That piano performance deserves a standing ovation!

"Who's on first" confusions are a unique phenomenon. I've had a few of those, including with a client at my business whose first name and last name are the same (ex. Mr. Simon Simon). Figuring that out during his first contact with the business was a bit mind-boggling.

Fireblossom said...

I have seen this video before and it always raises a smile. :-)

Go, Braves!

Riot Kitty said...

That reminds me of a time I was in a restaurant recently and the waiter was unable to hear what we were saying. Until my friend said, "She could be making sexual offers for all you know."

He heard that all right. I turned the color of the salsa.

LL Cool Joe said...

Love those 2! That's really made my morning!

Have a wonderful weekend Lynn.

Cloudia said...


Aloha from Waikiki;

We are crazed moving! Please excuse my absence!

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


Full-On-Forward said...

OH I so needed this!!! Positive-ly awesome! GO BRAVOS! Go Gamecocks! Sorry we lucked out over Ga!!!



Lynn said...

Jannie -

That haircut offer sounds like the joking one that mother used to say, "Don't you want me cut your bangs???" Oh my - she'd cut them so short, my friend Steven called them "First grader bangs." :)

Sparkling Red -

Simon Simon is a great name. I used to know a girl in college named Crystal Fountain.

FB -

I'm excited about the game today. Go Braves!

Riot Kitty -

That kind of thing happens to you a lot. :)

Joe -

I'm glad that made your morning - may all of them be good.

Cloudia -


John -

This is bad - I didn't realize Georgia lost. I go with my friends who have a primo tailgate spot sometimes and it's always a long ride home from Athens after a loss. :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Can't wait for 2 days away to see that video!
I have similar must read lips issues- When I don't I hear all kinds of strange stuff! $7 is a good deal!

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

I hope you get to see it!