Monday, December 26, 2011

The lights, best gift of all and long live the king

- Christmas was beautiful in the Florida wilderness.  Sister foiled the attempts of pesky kitty Pete to attack the tree by enclosing it in the dining room. 

- My sister calls this "the best Christmas EVER!" because she learned on Christmas Eve that she will be a grandmother.  I've never seen her look so excited. 

- My brother-in-law's announcement that if he was king, he would proclaim that everyone would get to sleep until 10:00am every day.  I hope he gets to be king.  :)

It was a long traveling day and I'll be getting around to everyone's blogs tomorrow.  I hope you had a wonderful holiday.  Peace!


Fireblossom said...

Wow, 10am is mid morning for me...I am an early bird, though not entirely by choice.

Riot Kitty said...

I have been playing king all during my vacation, it will be a serious challenge to get up and go to work on time tomorrow!

Maude Lynn said...

Your brother-in-law gets my vote for king!

happygirl said...

I'm ready to live in your brother's realm. And, I'm so glad your sister had the best Christmas, EVER. I love when that happens.

Jannie Funster said...

In thaty vein, Kelly says school should not start to 10:00.

Was so surprised Mieshka did not really bother the tree at all. She batter one lower ornament and that was it. Lucky!

Cool -- so you gonna be a great-aunt for the first time?


Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness I would love to sleep until 10AM every day- I like that idea. And congrats to your sister becoming a grandmother. sandie

sage said...

Nice photo of the tree and doors. Glad you had a good Christmas.

sage said...

Nice photo of the tree and doors. Glad you had a good Christmas.

TALON said...

Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas, Lynn. I'm glad :)

Yes, hail to the King!

Lynn said...

FB -

I am an early, but not by choice - I'm OK once I'm up though. (And after some coffee.)

Riot Kitty -

I'm glad you had a nice vacation. Back to the schedule today, huh?

Mama Zen -

Mine too!

happygirl -

I'm so happy that this good news came on Christmas Eve. Since my father died during Christmas week two years ago, we've been sad around Christmas, so the news of the baby arrived at just the perfect moment.

Jannie -

I like how Kelly thinks! And good for Mieshka being a well behaved kitty. :)

I'll be a Great Aunt for the second time. My oldest niece from our other sister has beautiful Mina - almost two years old.

Lynn said...

Sandie -

My sister and brother-in-law are going to be wonderful grandparents - lucky baby. They love children so much and can't wait for this baby to come.

Sage -

I did - it was lovely. I hope yours was, too (although I'll bet you were extra busy since Christmas fell on Sunday.)

Talon -

Indeed. And I did have a nice one.

Ileana said...

I'm voting for your BIL to be King!! :)

That's such a beautiful tree...a peaceful image. Glad you had a nice Christmas, chica! Keep celebrating!! ♥

Louvregirl said...

Peace to you, too, Lynn. I am so glad that you got to get away!!!!!

Elephant's Child said...

Long live the king indeed. Happy New Year to you and yours.

LL Cool Joe said...

I'm up at about 5.30am every day and go to bed at 12.30am, and I'd have a tough time laying in bed until 10am every day, unless I was tranquilized maybe. ;D

Snaggle Tooth said...

"Pesky Pete" would make a great cartoon cat character- Poor tortured soul. Maybe after 4 yrs old he'll slow down a bit.

Beautiful tree "under glass" pic!

I remember when I first heard that was happening too- n got in trouble for being on the phone at a previous job. It was worth it! Congrats to her!

Great kingly plans- he'll be so well liked by the commoners...

Glad you had a good time n are safely back home-

Lynn said...

Scarlet -

It's good to see you, chica, and I did have a nice time. I hope he gets to be king, too. :)

lg -

Thanks my friend - I loved being with the family, as always.

The Elephant's Child -

Happy New Year to you, too!

Joe -

Ah - then you are an early riser by choice!

Snaggle -

Thank you and yes, Pete, is somewhat tortured, but he has earned his reputation. He was part of a dumpster diving family that were rescued and taken to the shelter, so it's in his nature to be into everything. He was banished to the back porch so that he wouldn't get under my wobbly mom's feet. I went out and sat with him for a while on Christmas morning.

Laura said...

Oh, I do hope he gets to be king, too. That would be delightful!

Granny Annie said...

Another reason we don't have cats in the house. Love the view of the tree through the french doors.

Your sister will call next year "The Best Christmas Ever" when she is holding her precious first grandchild. That is a thrill never forgotten.

Actually if I ever sleep until 10 AM someone better check my pulse.

(P.S. my oldest grandchild, home from college, will spend next week here. Woohoo!)

Lynn said...

Laura -

I'm glad you liked that - I never get enough sleep, seems like, so I hope he gets to be king. :)

Granny Annie -

I know - we are so excited about the new baby, which should come around August.

I hope you are having fun with your granddaughter.