Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Serendipity, a new home and just right

Last February, my sister Jo came to visit and met my friend Laura.  A discussion ensued about antiques.  Laura has an antiques booth and Jo had some family heirlooms from her husband's family that she and her husband agreed really didn't fit in with their home anymore.  One thing lead to another, and thanks to Laura and her husband Bob, a settee, two chairs and a clock have come to reside in Barrington Hall, a beautiful old home in Roswell, Georgia, that is open to the public.  Bob is the manager of the house.  Here is Barrington Hall (photo from City of Roswell website.)  All other photos by me. Click to enlarge.

- I was invited to a wonderful staff party at Barrington Hall a couple of weeks ago - mainly so I could see the settee and clock in place.  The chairs are waiting in the wings for their debut. 

- The settee looks so pretty there in the main hallway.  Now waiting guests have a place to sit.  Interesting note about the floor:  it is painted on some sort of material that can be rolled up.  The old wood floors are still underneath.

- The clock's new home is on the mantel in the master bedroom.  Bob pointed out that the column detailing on the side of the clock matches the detailing on the bureau (there on the right.)  Portraits of the original owners are on the mantel also - this was their bedroom.

- It was so wonderful to see these pieces in place - so familiar to me already.  And they looked as if they had always been there.  The party was a big bonus - and because it was a warmish December night, Laura and I sat out on that beautiful porch and had some nibbles.


Joanne said...

These are such nice pieces! How great that they didn't have to be thrown out and could be re-used in a new home!

Lisa said...

Barrington Hall is beautiful. I enjoy visiting there often.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn .. isn't that great that the antiques are going to be treasured in their new home. I'm so pleased for Laura .. and you as you got to visit and share the party.

Sitting outside on the'stoop' (as this English person knows it'd be called in South Africa!) .. and having a chat with some nibbles sounds good ..

Love the house - cheers Hilary

TALON said...

Lovely to see the places in such a gracious home, Lynn!

Elephant's Child said...

Those beautiful pieces do look 'right at home'. Which is wonderful. And admiring them over nibbles and conversation sounds even better.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

How lovely that these two precious pieces now reside in such a beautiful and appropriate home.
PERFECT!!! And a party, to boot! Even Lovelier.

Granny Annie said...

You now have family members living in that lovely home. It thrills my heart.

Lynn said...

Joanne -

They are. My brother-in-law was sentimental about them so they would have kept them if they hadn't found such a good home.

Lisa -

Wow - that's neat.

Hilary -

It was a lovely party. I do hear the term stoop used sometimes, but here in Georgia - we mostly say porch. :)

Cheers to you!

Talon -

I know - it was awesome.

Lynn said...

Elephant's Child -

Really - as if they had always been there. And there were some great nibbles!

Naomi -

It was really lovely - I can't wait to take my sis up to that house next time she is in town.

Granny Annie -

I hadn't thought of that, but so true!

Fireblossom said...

What a beautiful place for those pieces to go to.

Riot Kitty said...

That is so neat! Thanks for sharing.

Cloudia said...

How fun to be in such surroundings!

ALOHA to YOU, Lynn
from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

Lynn said...

FB -

I think so, too. The home was built in 1842 and survived the Civil War. I love these old homes - probably difficult to live in and hard to heat, but wonderful for events. :)

Riot Kitty -

Thanks for always coming by!

Cloudia -

It was fun. Aloha to you!

Snaggle Tooth said...

yep I was here several times unable to open comments from home! I'm still reading anyways!