Friday, December 20, 2013

Through the window, potential playmate and car repairs

- From the family gathering in late November, my great nephew spots something inside a toy store.  I love this photo that shows him wearing a shirt his mother bought for him when she was pregnant.  It was the first time he had worn it - she had just realized it fit.

- was a wee lass.  And we thought it was toys.  :)  His grandmother went inside and bought something for Christmas morning anyway.

- And I had car trouble yesterday - not that that is a good thing, but just how everything fell into place.  I was going to do some final Christmas shopping at Atlantic Station (near my office) after work, but felt weary at the thought of all one has to do to get inside there (paid parking, etc.)  So I headed home and heard something in my car that didn't seem quite right.  As I am wont to do, I hoped it would go away.  Thoughts to myself:  "I don't hear that anymore, it must have gone away.  Good.  Well - shoot, there it is again."  (Just as I was about to turn into my street.)

I've had the same mechanic for 23 years and have sent a multitude of friends there for the like-a-small-town-experience I have with Chris (who works alone.)  He was likely not going to be in his shop at 5:30pm, but he was!  He was just closing up, but agreed to have a look at my car.  Indeed - it needed attention that requires parts, so he ordered them online for installation this morning.  And he took me home.  He waved off my thanks with "This has gotten me out of Christmas shopping."  What a nice man.

I hope many good things happen to you this weekend.  Have a great one!


TALON said...

Glad you took car of the car issue. Laughing, too, because I do that too -- "Oh, it's just my imagination" It never is. :)

I love how he was attracted to seeing another little one and not a toy, Lynn. The shirt is adorable!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

What a good thing your mechanic was there....And here it is, almost Christmas!
What an adorable picture of such a little cutie-pie! Sweet shirt, too.

Have a wonderful weekend, my dear.

Chatty Crone said...

It is a GIFT to have someone that you can trust to work and fix your car! Wish i did. sandie

Elephant's Child said...

How nice to have a mechanic who was there - and even nicer to have one who cares for you. I detect karma at work.
Loved the small one spotting a potential friend. And they both look like complete cuties.

Susan Kane said...

What a wonderful man, your mechanic!

Your little nephew! Looking at a little girl! My gr-son does the same, with any contemporary.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Lisa said...

In my pre-divorce lifetime, when we ran a limo company we took our cars to Golden's. They were fantastic, like your mechanic. I don't think they are still open. But it is such a blessing to have a trustworthy mechanic. Makes up for all the hustlers out there.

G. B. Miller said...

It's a rare thing these days to find a business with a personal touch like that.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn - beautiful shots of your nephew .. playmates, so excellent to find!

Glad the car was fixed and you got home safely - yes facing the crowds is somewhat daunting isn't it!

Cheers - and Chris sounds wonderful .. Hilary

sage said...

Neat photos that catch the excitement of children. Sorry about your car problems but hopefully it will be quickly fixed.

Leonora said...

Boy am I ever jealous of you and your mechanic!
Your great nephew's photo is adorable. His little finger pointing at what he sees- so sweet.

LL Cool Joe said...

What a nice man! You wouldn't get a car mechanic here in the UK doing that. Well I doubt it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Joanne said...

Aww such a nice man! That is the kind of car mechanic everyone needs...not the kind who tries to cheat you.

And your nephew's shirt is adorable!

Granny Annie said...

It is what you call "what goes around comes around." You have done so many good deeds for others that it always comes back to you. I am not a bit surprised that Chris the mechanic took care of you.

At first I though your great nephew was caught up with his reflection then sure enough, he had spotted a playmate. Already an eye for a cute girl:)

desk49 said...

Tho light and dark does dance around
By moon or glistening sun
With hearts of fear souls beware
The sessions almost done
The gifts we buy to catch their eye
Through all the stores we run
To you I say as I smile your way
Merry Christmas to everyone

Sparkling Red said...

Oh my, look at that gorgeous strawberry-blond hair! Your great nephew is a cutie pie.

Good luck with your car repair. You sure are lucky to have a trustworthy mechanic.

Lee said...

I love those photos of the little fellow, Lynn.

Good to hear your car was fixed without much trouble or hassle.

Have a very Merry Christmas, Lynn...I hope you and your family enjoy it to your utmost. And may 2014 be kind to us all.

Best wishes from Down Under. :)

Riot Kitty said...

Wow, that is the best mechanic experience I've ever heard of!

And a sweet photo of Monroe and his new girl ;)

Lynn said...

Talon -

Yes - I do that all too often, in many walks of life. :)

That was a lovely afternoon.

Naomi -

I'm lucky to have him - he is a well kept secret and I think he wants it that way. He just works when he wants to, so that's why I was so particularly lucky he was there.

I know - that shirt is sweet.

Sandie -

Absolutely - too bad you don't live closer.

Elephant's Child -

He's just a nice man, but hopefully karma is at work, too. I like to think so.

Complete cuties indeed!

Lynn said...

Susan -

It's like they have a little secret club - cute little ones.

Lisa -

It really does.

G -

It is -

Hilary -

I faced the crowds at one point, and it was not good. :)

Lynn said...

Sage -

I needed front brakes (badly - that's where the noise was coming from.) And the engine mount was cracked (expensive part - sigh.)

All fixed!

Leonora -

I am so lucky - he's retirement age, but doesn't really plan to retire any time soon. I got the lecture about bringing my car in more often.

Joe -

They might be there - good things are everywhere.

Joanne -

Isn't it adorable?

Granny Annie -

Thank you for saying that - I should do more, I think.

Yes - an eye already. :)

Ellis -

Ah - I love my poem. Thank you for it! A wonderful gift.

And Merry Christmas to you, my friend.

Sparkling Red -

He has the same color hair I had when I was a little girl. So it will probably get dark.

Lee -

Merry Christmas to you, too, my friend!

Riot Kitty -

Yes - I am lucky. :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

I hated finding outgrown outfits when I had babies. Hard to constantly keep up with the rapid growing too- He's so cute at the window with the little girl-
Glad your car ordeal worked out for the best, that guy is great!

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Anonymous said...

That is cute! Your nephew and a little girl meeting at a toy store, and sharing a connection despite the large window dividing them. Hahaha! About your car trouble, that's one of the perks of having a mechanic with whom you have a great relationship with. It's good you have one you can treat as a close friend. What was wrong with your car, by the way?

Tony Iezzi @