Saturday, May 5, 2007

Buried treasure

- I unloaded my office armoire so that it could be pulled out to install the long-needed DSL. Of course the telephone jack was behind the armoire! It gave me an opportunity to dust all the nooks and crannies and to rediscover forgotten things.

- One treasured item that had gotten buried in the back was an old telephone insulator that had been made into a pen holder. The pen has long since dried up, but this is a treasure that I will always keep. Sometime in the late '70s I worked in a personnel office at BellSouth that had retirees coming in and out. One very taciturn elderly man had a hobby of collecting the telephone insulators and turning them into pen holders. He usually sold them at craft shows. On my last day there before transferring to another BellSouth office, he came in, quickly handed me a brown paper bag and walked out. Inside was one of his pen holders. It is a blue one - quite lovely. Now I have moved it to a place of honor on Grandaddy's desk.

- I wish I could remember his name and there is no one to ask. But I can visualize him quite clearly and cherish the memory of someone who liked me enough to give me a treasure.

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