Monday, May 7, 2007

Smiles and validation

- Realizing yesterday how I grew as a moderator between the Presbyterian Women's luncheon in September and the Spring luncheon. A lovely lady on the coordinating team told me that I had brought such a different dynamic to the meetings that it made her look forward to coming to them. We never know what kind of impact we have to others' lives.

- Linda gave me the most fun item to keep in my office at work. I had told her of my constant need to put hand sanitizer on my hands since I am shaking hands with so many clients throughout the day. It is a Purell Pal Desk Holder. It holds a bottle of Purell with a pump dispenser. It has blue plastic hands and feet and makes me smile every time I look at it. Linda says that was her intention.

- Saturday was Cinco de Mayo. It made me smile when I stopped by Sam's Club to purchase items for the PW luncheon and saw that the employees were all wearing sombreros in honor of the day. They are a mostly international crowd with barely any Hispanic employees at all. Most seemed delighted to be wearing the colorful hats. Then at the bell concert at church last night the ringers pulled out sombreros for a latin flavored number. On the last song "Yellow Submarine," they pulled on yellow slickers and rain hats - Ed donned a captain's hat with his slicker.

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