Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Black Forest Trifle, parting company and trolley

- This is one of my sister's Weight Watchers recipes*, made just now at 5:30am! I needed something to take to a potluck tonight and this seemed quick and easy when I did a quick scan of recipes yesterday. It's delicious, too - no one realized it was a diet dessert last time I took it there. It was gone in a flash.

- A woman and a little girl at the grocery store, parting company. "'Bye Mrs. Smith!" "'Bye Anna - see you tomorrow!" (Said with affection.) A teacher and her student, I think, who like each other.

- A trolley car whizzing down Northside Drive in Atlanta marked "City of Danville." I think I really did see that. :)

* Black Forest Trifle

1-(16 oz) Angel Food Cake, cubed

1-(20 oz) can No Sugar Added Cherry Pie Filling

4-(3.5 oz) cups Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding

1-(8 oz) carton frozen fat free Cool Whip, thawed

1/4 cup chocolate curls **

Place half of cake cubes in a 2 quart trifle bowl; spoon half of cherry pie filling
over cake. Spread 2 pudding cups over cherry pie filling and top with half of Cool Whip.
Repeat Layers. Top with chocolate curls. Chill. Yield: 12 one cup servings. 4 points each.

**I used mini chocolate morsels.


Fireblossom said...

THAT is a diet dessert??? *drool*

I love being privy to nice moments like that. They leave me smiling.

happygirl said...

I love trifle. and diet trifle may just be the best thin I've ever heard of. Thanks

Granny Annie said...

I have never had a trifle dessert but when I hear of one or see one I think of the episode of FRIENDS when Rachel made a trifle and got two recipes crossed up and added a layer of beef and peas. Glad your recipe doesn't add those.

My granddaughter Beth loved her teachers so much and if she ran into one in a public place it would be her story of the day of her most exciting event.

Do Trolley cars travel from town to town?

themajessty said...

I would sell my mom to have a bite of that trifle.

I wonder what that says about my character. Or what it says about that gorgeous looking trifle. YUM.

Louvregirl said...

Wow Lynn~ can you come to a party of mine???! 'Peeeeas!!' The 'presentation' of that dessert was fab! Although- no 'fat free/sugar/free' for me!

Lynn said...

FB -

It is! Last time I took it somewhere, they all but licked the bowl clean. Easy and good.

I overheard that exchange when I was putting my groceries in the car - it made me smile.

happygirl -

Let me know if you try it - it's very easy to make. I wish I could have made more evenly presented layers, but such is life.

Granny Annie -

Beef and peas! I don't remember that, but it made me laugh just reading about it. :)

That's lovely that your granddaughter likes her teachers.

And I think that Danville is in California, so that was the head scratching part.


lol! Thanks for stopping by.

lg -

I certainly would come! And I confess that I used light Cool Whip instead of fat free. I am not to sure about fat free. I'm sure this recipe could be made in a more non-processed way, but I kind of don't have time for that.

desk49 said...

To lose some weight
with some fun
lots of chocolate curls
and Angel crumbs

A woman and girl
went their way
hopping to see
each other another day

A trolley lost
Yet who'd know
Looking for the city
It belong to

LL Cool Joe said...

Oh wow if that's a diet dessert I can eat the whole bowl and not put on any weight right???

Nice one!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Maybe the woman was a daycare provider too. Tough to find a good one!

At my brother's BBQs he always has a similar triffle for the diabetics who attend. I always eat it tho!
Now I'm hungry for chocolate!
Thanks for the recipe!

Thanks for the inspiring laundry break! Have a great Day

Riot Kitty said...


Cloudia said...

mini morsels!

Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral


> < } } ( ° >

Lynn said...

Ellis -

Hey - I've missed you and am glad to see you. lol on the lost trolley - maybe someone hijacked it from Danville, California. :) Thank you for my poem.

Joe -

I think so!

Snaggle -

I'm glad I could provide some entertainment between the laundry loads. :)

The trifle was a hit!

Riot Kitty -

It was yum.

Cloudia -

Yes - I'm having a busy week, so even chocolate curls seemed like a lot of trouble, hence the mini morsels instead. :)