Friday, July 29, 2011

Red gold, laughing and sofa time

- Home grown tomatoes are like gold to me and friend and coworker Bobby keeps me supplied when his come in. Here they are at home (with Duke's Mayo - important) and later at work in a sandwich for lunch. So good!

- Coming into work in the morning and the plant manager is standing with Charlone at the small press, telling her some tale that has her in stitches laughing. A lovely sound, her laugh.

- It's been a busy week for activities after work and I decide to forgo the afternoon walk in place of sofa time for Thursday evening. Funniest moment - turning on the TV in time to hear Dr. Phil tell a weeping woman, "This ain't my first time at the rodeo!"

Yay - it's the weekend! I hope yours is wonderful, my friends!


Fireblossom said...

Is Duke's mayo good? I love mayo!

Granny Annie said...

I thought I was the only person in the world who ate tomato and mayo sandwiches. This year our access to fresh tomatoes is not good and you can never buy any equal at the store. Hopefully we'll be able to plant some again next year.

Both of my children will be here this weekend again and their laughter will fill the place. It is such joy to this old mom.

These days of record temperatures have me driving the van to our mailbox. I will forgo any walking for sofa time especially now. Too often it "...ain't my first time at the rodeo" either.

TALON said...
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TALON said...

Yummy sandwich - though I always prefer toasted tomato sandwiches with lashings of mayo.

Laughter like that is contagious, isn't it?

I guess Dr. Phil has attended A LOT of rodeos :)

Sara said...

I used to only eat Kraft mayo. One of my favorite sandwiches is mayo and bananas. I grew up this sandwich. I don't like it peanut butter and bananas -- that's too rich:~)My other favorite is B & T with mayo (I don't like lettuce in my sandwiches. I know that's weird, but then so am I:~)

I laughed about the Dr Phil comment.

Have a great weekend!

happygirl said...

I love hearing laughter at work. I am not allowed to laugh in my office. One time I looked at the Cake Wrecks blog and started laughing. My boss asked me if I wanted to continue working here or go home and laugh. not funny.

Yum. Tomatoes.

Riot Kitty said...

Nom! My tomatoes are still green :(

Lynn said...

FB -

It is very good - I love it.

Granny Annie -

Oh that sandwich is a big thing here in the southeast.

I'm so glad you'll hear children's laughter this weekend. :)

And I don't blame you for driving to the mailbox, my friend!

Talon -

It's the only time I really eat mayo. And it is contagious - it just makes me smile to hear laughter.

That Dr. Phil - I get a kick out of him, but can't watch for long.

Sara -

I'm glad I could give you a chuckle. And my mother likes banana and mayo sandwiches, too! Me - not so much.

happygirl -

Something is wrong with a boss that won't let you laugh. That's terrible.

Riot Kitty -

Ah - so you've planted some?

Snaggle Tooth said...

You're fortunate to have a good tomatoe supplier. I used to grow them every year until the kids moved out. They're getting so expensive now too! Nothing like a good story n audience. Everyone needs a rest in the stifling heat. Dr Phil can be pretty funny. Haven't watched him in years now.

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

Grocery store tomatoes just aren't the same. Or even greenhouse ones like they sell at the farmers markets. I am savoring these while I can.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Ileana said...

Wow, that sandwich looks delicious...the mayo, tomato and whatever else is in it...I'm sold!

I've only used Hellman's and Krafts...prefer Hellman's. If I find Duke's I'm trying it!

Ha! I can just picture Dr. Phil saying that! :)

Lynn said...

Ily -

I do love the tomatoes that Bobby is bringing in now. And Dukes should be sold in Miami stores - let me know if you like it. It's the only one I use now.

Anil P said...

Always hoped to have space for a vegetable garden. Until then, will delight in another's vegetable garden.

Lynn said...

Anil P -

That makes me smile - thank you.