Tuesday, December 2, 2008

City Grill, almost over and errant chips

- A lovely lunch at the City Grill with the woman who recruited me for my current printing company job. She told me last spring that she would take me there for lunch when I sold my first $50,000 printing. It was all I thought it would be - soaring ceilings, beautifully painted murals on the walls, respectful staff, kind of little food. And full of Atlanta City policemen heading upstairs for some kind of special lunch.

- A headline that made me chuckle: "Palin, Ludacris Campaign in Georgia's US Senate Runoff." Enough said.

- Two errant chocolate chips peeking out from under the microwave, reminding me of baking madness last week.


Jannie Funster said...

We have a City Grill here in Austin too. Jim took me three after I made my first $5.00 in Google ads. Blew it on a sugar cube.

Baking frenzy about to happen here too!

Lynn said...

Wellll, that probably did sound a little boastful, but I am new to sales and I feel like I wrung that out of a rock.

You know Heather over at Dooce (I have a link to it) says she makes enough money on ads so her husband can stay home to work.

Jannie Funster said...

You, boastful? Never! Girl, you dreaming. Nothing wrong with that!!

Yes, I've been reading Dooce for probably three years. I have this secret wish to get as popular as she but it'll be a hard climb as promoting controversy for pageviews sake ain't really my vision. What is my vision? Bra flinging?