Saturday, December 27, 2008

Journey home, halfway and all is calm

The driveway to sister's house - so beautiful.

- Just before leaving for the journey home, a tree frog falls into the trunk of my car. My sister is doubled over laughing at me for jumping up and down shrieking for her to "get it out, get it out!" She got it out. I am a wuss.

- This is halfway home from Monticello, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia. I stop here at Stripling's Sausage and Meats because of clean restrooms, friendly employees and cold Diet Coke. Love that slogan, "You never sausage a place!"

- Telling my mom that I am going to eat chocolate stocking candy all the way home. And I did. Loved friend Lynn B's written notes from checking on Sophie after I got home. A portion, "Sweet sweet cat she is! All is calm."

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Jannie Funster said...

"You never sausage a place!" Cute, indeed.