Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hope springs eternal, reality strikes and cleared

- Taking my leave of Crescent Centre by the lake door exit and encountering this feathered friend, hoping for food.

- Realizing how old I am getting when one of the star football players from high school is on Facebook, talking about Weight Watchers Points and how many walks he is getting in this week. He was frozen in time before. Reality strikes again.

- My county library system decides to have a fine forgiveness week featuring food donations that will go to a local shelter. We may bring in one can of food for every dollar in back fines we owe. I rustle up four cans and a smiling lady takes them in. My record is cleared.


Shyamanga said...

Forgive my 'evil' thought...honestly, for a moment I thought: "Yes, why feed the geese", "why not just..." It's a great picture, can't help but get ideas :)

Guess the back fines made the charitable-you happy.

LL Cool Joe said...

Great photo! Yes it's often the people around us that remind us of how old we are getting. When you see celebs that were stars in our childhood today it can be a bit depressing.

Lynn said...

Shyamanga -

I get it. :) I think in this case they are trying to stop them from muliplying and from annoying the lunch crowd at the outdoor tables next to the lake.

My fine was $2.05. She told me I only had to leave two cans, but I saw it as an opportunity to pass along the canned soup that I never seem to want to eat. And yes - it does help others.

Joe -

It is true! I was surprised when this guy wanted to "friend" me - we went to elementary school together, but didn't run in the same circle in high school. I had an image of him just as he looked the last time I saw him. Kind of eye opening.

TALON said...

lol - that goose is just begging for attention!

It's funny how people from our past become frozen in time in our minds. I don't mind getting older, I just hate the thought of time running out. There's so much I need to do!

Good to know you're off the "wanted" list - LOL!

Cookie said...

Cute pic of the goose by the sign :)
It is so true that some people are frozen in time with the memories we have of them. Sometimes it's better not to "reconnect" with facebook.
I wish my library would have a "fine forgiveness" week! i have some overdue books right now. Planning to head there today :)

Meredith said...

That goose is just posing for your benefit -- and ours, of course, when we stop by your blog. I think one reason we're not supposed to feed these kind of geese is because they can get aggressive; when we were at a park in Atlanta in March with a friend's small son, the Canadian geese were way too interested in the humans, and there's too much possibility of harming little ones with those snapping beaks. :(

What a brilliant scheme of the library! I just love libraries. I'm especially happy with mine today because a book I had on hold has come in, and I just got the message this morning. :D

Maude Lynn said...

Reality can be evil!

Lynn said...

Talon -

He is thumbing his nose at that sign, I think. :)

I feel the same way. And yes - it feels great to be all the oweing list.

Cookie -

I have a love / hate relationship with facebook. But it has been interesting to catch up with high school friends who seem to be all over the place. Golly they've all gotten old. :) Ha!

Meredith -

I could see that happening. This one seems incredibly tame, so someone must be feeding it.

Isn't the library the best? I love to check out books.

Mama Zen -

So true!

Riot Kitty said...

I always see people throwing bread to the ducks and geese at the park near us - right next to the sign that says "Please do not feed the wildlife."

Lynn said...

RK -

Most likely the Crescent Centre goose gets the same action - hence the parking in that spot. That was so funny to me yesterday - I didn't notice him at first and then he squawked at me. :)

Jannie Funster said...

Please don't tell anyone but I once paid $36.00 in fines a few years ago. Ouch.


Lynn said...

Jannie -

Your secret is safe with me!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Good thing Geese can't read... Good ironic shot!
I found out I get along with school folks better after all these years of distance n common problems to deal with. I went to school with the same 60 folks for 12 years, give or take very few- Have more friends there now than back then!
Fines are why I avoid borrowing books n renting dvds- Plenty here still unread to go- I like Library book sales tho- 1 n 2 bux- n used dvds cheap.
Food pantry is always a good charity here. Ours just escaped burning down with a fire next door- Alot of poor here lately.

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

I seem to have lots more library fines because I lose those slips of paper with the due date. But I vow to do better!